The Government wants to have its own employment website and will launch a portal with public and private job offers


The government of Spain is working on a draft that will lead to a new employment law. One of its key points is that it will have a portal, in the purest Infojobs style, a state digital platform that presents both public and private job offers, so that job seekers can see all the available options.

The draft of the preliminary bill to which El Periódico de Catalunya has had access speaks of the new ‘Integrated Public Information System of Employment Services’. And this refers to a website where public works will be presented (at national, regional and local level) and also job offers “from private placement agencies and collaborating entities.”

What is not known so far is who are these collaborating entities or if the government will have an agreement with the large platforms in Spain that collect job vacancies.


A “common portfolio of services”

Search for a job

The objective of the Ministry of Labor led by Yolanda Díaz, in its new employment law, is to ensure that make it easier to connect people who are unemployed with job offers that they have at their disposal, in a more centralized way. In other words, the new Spanish Employment Agency should use technology to become a more efficient body when it comes to reintegrating unemployed people into the labor market.

Therefore, the draft of the employment law talk about changing the current SEPE (Public Service of State Employment) for an entity with more money, more autonomy and greater resources to achieve the final objective, to connect unemployed people with vacancies is more efficient. It will be the Spanish Employment Agency.

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This portal that arises, will be accompanied with other resources. When a job seeker who goes to the public employment office will be able to access various rights created to help job placement. For example, a reference tutor, personalized training and insertion itineraries or a quota of job offers minimum per year, as it appears in the latest draft of the law.

The new agency that is being outlined must create a “unique personalized work file”, with a detailed history where in addition to studies and work experience, include what training you have completed to retrain and suitable job offers to your profile that you have been rejecting or accepting. If that person moves to another region, they can move their file so that the search can be maintained. This is compared with our health profile registered by the health services, so that our doctor can have a better knowledge of his patients.


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