The Gremio move with Luis Suárez as the protagonist that unleashed the fury of his rivals and ended with the police inside the field

The mischief of Luis Suárez that aroused the fury of the rivals

Luis Suarez He returned to become the protagonist of a new victory for the Guild. Although the Uruguayan did not score on this occasion, He was decisive in both goals with which his team won 2-0 against Avenida for the seventh date of the first phase of the Gaucho Championship.

The former Barcelona even provoked the fury of rivals in what was the first goal of the game. A play that ended with two visiting footballers sent off and the Military Brigade trying to protect referee Francisco Soares Días.

The action in question occurred at 12 minutes of the second half. At that moment, his teammate Pepe was fouled near the corner flag and, while the Avenida footballers protested the judge’s decision, the gunslinger he was quickly unmarked and asked for the ball down the line in the background, taking the defense of the visiting team off guard.

After entering the area, attended Cristaldo at the right time, that he had no problem defining in an empty goal, after the goalkeeper had come out to reduce the spaces for the Uruguayan.

Gremio won 2-0 against Avenida (AGIF/Sipa USA)
Gremio won 2-0 against Avenida (AGIF/Sipa USA)

Automatically, the Avenida players went to reproach the referee for what had happened, who did not hesitate to apply a red card to captain Micael and defender Marcao. In the midst of the expulsions, the Military Brigade had to intervene so that the situation did not spill over.

Before the end of the game came the second goal (90+3) for Gremio and there Suárez was once again key since the goal came after a rebound that came from a strong shot from him. Everton took the second play and scored to make it 2-0.

The victory against Avenida became the seventh in a row for those led by Renato Gaucho. In the seven games played, Suárez has accumulated seven goals and two assists.

Until now Gremio is the leader with 21 points, eight of their immediate pursuers Ypiranga FC and Inter de Porto Alegre. His next presentation, in which surely Luis Suarez occupy a place in the starting 11 will be on February 18 against Esporte Club Sao Luiz.

Grêmi’s DT presented a tactical disposition 4-5-1 with Adriel in the bow; Fabio, Bruno Alves, Walter Kannemann and Reinaldo in the defensive line; Mathias Villasanti, Pepê, Franco Cristaldo, Bitello and Gabriel Silva in the middle; and Luis Suárez in the attack.

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