The Guy From The North: 4 Unique Photographs From The Viking Revenge Film


north guy is the impending ancient mystery from The Witch and The Lighthouse director Robert Eggers. Throughout the IGN Fan Fest, Eggers shared 4 unique pictures from the impending Vikings film.

As a part of the IGN Fan Fest, we sat down with Eggers, who offered 4 Unique Northman Footage IGN Can Proportion Lately. Take a look at the gallery underneath to peer Alexander Skarsgard’s Viking prince, Claes Bang as Fjolnir, Ingvar Sigurdsson as The Sorcerer, and Ethan Hawke as King Aurvandil:

Eggers calls the nature of Skarsgard a “berzerker” who can channel the ferocity of a undergo. Eggers additionally shared some personality design main pointstogether with how The Sorcerer’s mummified head is drawn from Odin’s prophetic skills.

The Northman is described as a revenge mystery starring a Viking prince who needs to avenge his father the king. In an interview with IGN, Eggers says that this movie is his perfect grossing movie, however he maintains his willpower to ancient accuracy.

Historic accuracy isn’t vital to movie in any respect. And you’ll make a super duration tale with out being actual; you understand that Coppola’s Dracula is likely one of the absolute best designed motion pictures individually, however it isn’t correct in any respect. However that is one thing I really like, for no matter reason why. I’m excited“.

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