The harsh sentence of the man who signed Messi at Barcelona: “He is suffering at PSG, it is a team of mercenaries”

Carles is not happy with Messi's presence at Paris Saint Germain
Carles is not happy with Messi’s presence at Paris Saint Germain

The present of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint Germain he travels an irregular path, beyond which he gives flashes of his talent. Still looking to sharpen his partnership with Kylian Mbappé and with the progressive return of Neymar to the starting team after his injury, from Spain they look askance at the campaign of the French team with the hope of a premature return of the flea al FC Barcelona.

Carles Rexachthe protagonist of the first Argentinian signature with the blaugranagave his opinion on the current affairs of the winner of seven Ballon d’Ors. “Messi is suffering at PSG, it is a team of mercenaries. They do not play beautiful or spectacular football or as a team, they win because one day Neymar appears, another day Messi, Mbappe and they solve the ballot, but as a team they are not defined ”, shot who made Messi sign on a napkin in a chat with Super Sports Radio.

In addition, he assured that the flea eventually he will pack his bags to return to the club where he forged his entire legacy: “Messi is obliged to return to Barcelona whatever he wants. I would like him to stay and live in Barcelona. His football life has to end here”.

The napkin with the commitment that Carles Rexach signed on behalf of Barcelona to hire Lionel Messi
The napkin with the commitment that Carles Rexach signed on behalf of Barcelona to hire Lionel Messi

On the other hand, he described his feelings about the season that the culé team is carrying out, lowering the baton of Xavi Hernandez and without the Argentine star in their ranks. “Barcelona without Messi generated a before and after. It will be unbeatable and unrepeatable to have a player like Messi again. He left a hole as a person and a footballer that is impossible to fill. Finding a world-class phenomenon like him will be impossible. Barça and Messi was a spectacular pairing. There is a Messi from Barça and there is a Messi from after”, added Carles with an air of nostalgia.

And he took the opportunity to ask for an explanation of the reason why Rosario decided to start a new chapter of his professional career in the French capital: “The truth of Messi’s departure was not yet known and will surely be known over time. . I would have liked him to retire at Barcelona. A man who was born here, I would have liked him to retire playing seriously here”.

Rexach stopped to draw a parallel between Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain to explain his position on why this team full of stars does not finish meshing. “It went to a team that has been formed based on checkbooks that they play for themselves. Instead, Barcelona played for Messi. Messi here was the icing on the cake and that makes it very difficult for Messi to find a team that has that relationship: club and player. His time at Barcelona will be unrepeatable”, he added.

Rexach was an important pillar in Messi's arrival at FC Barcelona
Rexach was an important pillar in Messi’s arrival at FC Barcelona

And he closed about the next World Cup to be held in Qatar at the end of the year: “Messi should win the World Cup and retire. He deserves it. It would be finishing the job and he could say ‘I don’t play anymore’. Scoring a goal, winning the World Cup and saying ‘we’ve come this far’ would be like something out of a movie”.


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