The hoisting of the tricolor in the Capital Hills created a ruckus, know why Varun Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor clashed with each other

new Delhi: Since the presidential election in the US, there has been a dispute between Donald Trump and Joe Biden over the manipulation of voting. In such a situation, yesterday, Capitol Hill in Washington DC, that is, where Congress people sit. At the same time, supporters of Donald Trump carried out the violence and the stairs of the Capitol Hills were also broken. But during this time a picture went viral in which the Indian tricolor flag was seen in the hands of one of the protesters. BJP leader Varun Gandhi has targeted Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on this matter. Also Read – Worldwide condemnation of violence in America, everyone said – indecent

Reacting to the violence in the Capital Hills, Varun Gandhi wrote – Why is there an Indian flag? This is such a fight, in which we certainly have no need to join there. Reacting to this, Shashi Tharoor wrote that unfortunately India also has some mentality people who use the tricolor as a weapon. Also Read – Outrageous about Tharoor’s statement in Pakistan, BJP said – Rahul Gandhi will be called ‘Rahul Lahori’

Tharoor further wrote that through this medium, he denigrates all those who disagree with him by calling him a friend. That flag is a warning for us. However, refuting this incident of America, Tharoor said that I strongly condemn the flag carrying the flag of my country to the crowd. Also Read – Viral: British professor told Idli the world’s most boring thing, reactions of people including Shashi Tharoor surfaced

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