The homophobic comments of a UFC fighter that generated repudiation in the networks

Sean Strickland has a record of 24 wins and only three losses as a professional (Getty Images)
Sean Strickland has a record of 24 wins and only three losses as a professional (Getty Images)

The fighter Sean Strickland He is once again at the center of the controversy after having made a series of comments on social networks related to homosexuality. The American had already aroused some controversy when talking about his younger years when he proudly defined himself as a neo-Nazi and this time he generated a wave of repudiation for a comment that, as he later explained, was a joke.

The 30-year-old fighter is usually very active on social networks, where he constantly exchanges messages with his followers. It was on the Twitter platform where one of his fans asked him what he would do if one of his sons admitted to being homosexual. “If I had a gay son, I would feel like I failed as a parent by creating such a weakness …. If I had a slutty daughter, I would think that she just wants to be like her father.”

Immediately his publication was plagued by comments criticizing his sayings, and even some of his fans recommended that he delete it, but he maintained that he has nothing against homosexuals. Minutes later, he posted another tweet trying to make amends for his mistake, but his explanation was even worse: “Listen, gay men are great, I support them and their choices. Liberty! Gay guys have. Most of the homosexuals I know are always happy. Everyone just hangs out with friends all day and has sex … we straight guys are screwed … we have to do some serious work to get laid. It’s not fair”.

Strickland's tweets
Strickland’s tweets

Seeing the significance of his comment, Strickland wrote again this Monday: “I have received some hatred for that joke about the gay son. You beta males need to calm down, this is not your university. “

This is not the first time that the fighter has made the news for his statements, without going any further, in October he had a dialogue with the site The MMA Hour, in which he spoke about his youth and adolescence: “I went through a strange neo-Nazi and white supremacist side when I was younger and I was kicked out of school for hate crimes. I was always angry and had a lot of fucked up influences in my life, so it felt good to hate something. He was walking down the street with a knife or a stone hoping to kill someone. “

Strickland explained that it was his grandfather who as a child spoke to him about Aryan supremacy and, at that time, he absorbed those lessons and replicated them in his daily life, without understanding too much about the subject: “You’re in seventh grade talking about the Nazis and you don’t even know what the hell that means. But you hear it from someone you admire and that identity consumed me. Then you realize that when you are a racist you do not advance in life ”.

The 30-year-old fighter said at the time that he feels powerful as a UFC fighter and enjoys it, although he tries to leave his home little to avoid starting a fight: “I like when I leave the house with the possibility of thinking that maybe I could kill someone, I like. Once I’m done with MMA I’ll probably work on rewiring my brain, maybe I’ll find more value to human life. Maybe trying to connect more with people, but right now I like it, damn it, I enjoy it. “

The American joined the UFC in 2014 when he beat Bubba McDaniel by submission. In his career he has accumulated 24 victories and only three defeats, one by unanimous decision against the Argentine Santiago Ponzinibbio in February 2015. His last appearance was a victory on the cards against Uriah Hall in an event held in Las Vegas in which he was part of the main event.


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