The Importance of Business Cards: Why You Definitely Still Need One


If you think business cards are dead, think again. Read about the importance of business cards and why you definitely still need one.

Are you thinking of creating your own business cards but not sure whether they’re worth it?

It’s understandable why you’re being hesitant. We live in a digital age where computers and internet rule. Who would want to keep a piece a piece of paper or plastic?

Well, it’s 2020, about two decades since the digital revolution began, a revolution that was billed to put the legendary business card out of, you guessed it, business.

But the business card still lives on and its usefulness hasn’t waned.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of business cards.

Business Cards Offer a Personal Touch

Shaking hands has long been the tradition when you want to network or establish rapport with someone. When it comes to exchanging information with someone, be it a prospect or a stranger, business cards are the medium that enables you to cement this personal touch.

Yes, you can send the same information in an email or text message, but what’s personal about these? The recipient will read the message on the same app they use every day.

With a business card, though, you have a good chance to showcase your personality. With a uniquely-designed card that grabs attention, you’ll create a lasting first impression. Check out these business card ideas if you need design inspiration.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Let’s say you in an industry event and you just met a potential customer.

What’s the most effective way to let the prospect know about your company’s location as well as its products and services?

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You could tell them the name of your business so they can look it up online and find your website, but who has time for this in an event? By the time they meet another person, they won’t even be remembering the name of your business?

How about fishing out a business card from your wallet or purse and handing it over to the prospect?

Assuming they don’t toss it in the trash, you can rest assured that they will have everything they need to know about your business in their pockets. After the event, they won’t need to struggle to recall your business’s name because it will be right there on your card.

Business Cards Can Be Tech-Forward

Just because business cards are considered a piece of paper doesn’t mean they can’t get techy.

You’ve probably heard of high-tech business cards with scannable QR codes, NFC, and other tech features. If you’re in an industry that’s very tech-centric, having such a tech-forward business card can be all you need.

What’s more, high-tech business cards are less likely to be thrashed. Most people are curious to know how various pieces of tech work, so they will want to try out your card’s tech features.

The Importance of Business Cards Cannot Be Overstated

Business cards might have lost some of their past glory, but they’re still a major force. In most cases, they offer what the alternatives can’t offer: a personal touch.

If you’ve been doubting the importance of business cards, we hope this article has done enough to restore your faith and trust in them.

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