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The impressive wound left by the nail of an advertising blanket on the knee of a Necaxa footballer

What should have ended in pure celebrations by the footballers of the Necaxa, it ended in a real drama. And it is that despite having defeated this Friday night 1 to 0 to Athletic of San Luis, in mourning corresponding to the matchday 2 of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament of the Liga MX, your defender Unai Bilbao suffered a chilling injury.

Ran the minute 76 when the 26-year-old Spaniard played the ball with the attacker from Potosí, Nicolas Ibáñez; the crash caused skid on the grass a few meters off the court until wedge his right knee with a nail holding a billboard from the Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes.

The impact caused the joint opens, exposing the layer of fat.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning Bilbao had not realized the severity of the blow, until his teammate, goalkeeper Luis Malagón, approached and desperately called his club’s medical staff.

The hook opened his right knee (Photo: Twitter / FerCevallosF)
The hook opened his right knee (Photo: Twitter / FerCevallosF)

Unai was taken care of and when trying to get up it was impossible, due to the amount of blood that was coming out of the knee, reason why it had to leave in the emergency cart in tears.

“It’s a shame, he’s seriously affected”declared the chronicler of TUDN during the narration.

After the dramatic moment, the referee admonished Ibáñez for doing the charge already when the ball was out of circulation.

Already at the conference after the game, Jose Guadalupe Cruz, technical director of Necaxa, indicated that the first diagnosis indicates that it won’t be such a serious injury.

At first one sees him limping, with a physical state that does not augur well for a diagnosis. We are going to wait, it is a vital piece, I do not have the report yet, but we are going to be optimistic

(Screenshot: Twitter)
(Screenshot: Twitter)

This injury caused analysts to express on social networks how risky it is for footballers to have advertising so close to the pitch:

Horrible injury to Unai Bilbao when he suffered a cut with a hook that was holding an advertising canvas at cm. from the finish line. It was a rare accident, reason enough to avoid that kind of publicity so close to the field.“,” There should not be an advertising canvas two meters from the field “,” Unai Bilbao’s shocking injury is not guilty of the San Luis striker who was looking for the ball, those responsible are the football authorities that allow advertising in that no-security zone ”were some of the comments.

Meanwhile, Necaxa added their first three points of the tournament, after last week lost as a visitor to Mazatlán FC, 3-2. On January 24 he will be measured against Toluca, on matchday 3.

Fans returned to the stadium

Up to seven thousand fans could enter the Victoria stadium (Photo: Twitter / ClubNecaxa)
Up to seven thousand fans could enter the Victoria stadium (Photo: Twitter / ClubNecaxa)

On the other hand, Victoria Stadium opened its doors to receive the presence of a controlled number of fans that the risk of contagion by Covid-19 as long as you support your Rays.

Before entering the stadium, the fans They were required to wear face masks, to later take their temperature at the doors of the enclosure. Right there they were given a sheet with the recommendations to avoid getting infected.

However, although the recommendations were given to the attendees and the seats to occupy were marked, some fans ignored that part of the protocol and they occupied the localities of the property without respecting the healthy distance.

The Aguascalientes authorities and the MX League agreed that a total of seven thousand fans could enter the stadium, although in the end the number of people who came to the party was considerably less.


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