The journalist who rated Lionel Messi 3 in PSG’s defeat against Bayern Munich spoke: his response to the controversy

The journalist from L’Equipe spoke who gave Lionel Messi 3 in the match that PSG lost to Bayern Munich for the Champions League round of 8

This Tuesday the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) lost 1-0 at home to Bayern Munich in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League, part of the French press exploded against the local players and Lionel Messi He was one of those targeted. The newspaper The team he put a 3 to the Argentine in his qualification and a great controversy was generated. This Wednesday a journalist from that medium explained why they gave the Argentine star that score and what is the criteria they use.

José Barroso works at The team for almost 20 years and is one of those in charge of qualifying the players. The editor spoke in ESPN F12 and assured that “we are 4 or 5 who score and then we do an average. It’s not disrespectfulit’s ‘D’ day, we don’t do it to say that a player is good or bad, it’s to show what we perceive of a certain player in a certain match”.

“I understand that it is difficult because first there are 22 players and we don’t know what happens in the talks with the coaches and that is part of the debate. Each one will have their opinion and it also depends on the final result, because when there is a 4-0 it is a collective victory, the score is always good, ”he stressed.

“What happened yesterday is that it is impossible to imagine a PSG with Neymar, Messi, Verratti, with Hakimi, playing what they did for an hour. During the first hour there was not a shot at the goal by PSG, only a free kick from Leo. That’s impossible for us. They are all part. It is not a disaster, but they are not at the level of what was expected, “she added and clarified that” the score is from 1 to 10. A 3 is a bad match”.

The qualification of the controversy
The qualification of the controversy

“First he made a difference one on one. With little support, being controlled by the mark of two or three men. Result: minimal influence on the game and no danger until the entry of Mbappé”, argued the portal, highlighting above what the French attacker did.

“We do the same with all the parties. But we are human. It is not a question of nationality but of hope. What is expected of Leo? It is not the same as what is expected of a Soler. Many told me the same thing, ‘how is it possible to put a 4 for Soler and a 3 for Leo?’ Soler since he arrived at PSG had three good scores because he was horrible. But he did a defensive job, which is not his role, but he did it quite well.. A João Cancelo we didn’t see him much and also allowed him to Nuno Mendes send many centers and take their side ”, he justified.

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“It wasn’t a horrible game for Leo, but when you’re in the round of 16 you expect another action in PSG’s offense. Of course it is a collective responsibility, but Verrati and Neymar also have 3 ″, he added.

On why the goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma they gave him a 4 when he was responsible for the goal that cost the French team the defeat, Barroso asserted: “If PSG is alive it is also partly thanks to Donnarumma. It could have been a 4-0 for Bayern”.

“We have immense respect (for Messi). For me he is the greatest in history. But he qualifies at a certain point. What do you think of that match? Last year there was another debate with Argentine colleagues for another 3 for Leo. It’s not disrespectful, we can be wrong about a score, that’s for sure, but the expectations and the role of Leo cannot be the role of Soler or Hakimi. For us he is a major star and that is why we expect so much from him, ”he underlined.

“Yesterday with Messi I was between 3 or 4. The difference is that there was no shot on goal in the first hour. That was his responsibility. It is true that he did not have so many balls and that it was difficult for him and for Neymar, but that made the difference, ”he assured.

Given the supposed preference for French players over other nationalities, he argued that “there is a debate with nationality. The Brazilians say ‘they don’t want Neymar, it’s crazy’. I think he is the most beautiful player we’ve had in the French league, we’ve seen things. Until last week Neymar was the first in the average in the French league in the scores of The team and Messi second and now he is the best. How much is Mbappé? He is in the top 20.”

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He also gave an account of why they did not give Mbappé a score: “You have to play 45 minutes. For me it is essential and without him there is no depth and it is much more difficult, but you need balls, passes and the king is Leo for that. Today the one who cannot be missing is Mbappé because we saw him yesterday, when he entered everything changed in the game”.

Finally, on the continuity of players before an elimination in the Champions League, he replied: “It is difficult. For us this club is something very rare, almost unique. Soccer is something random and this sport much more. In the French league everyone is waiting for PSG”.

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