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The Last Dance Effect: The Mysterious Collector Who Paid Over A Million Dollars For A Jordan Item And Set A New Record

The exclusive card that was auctioned
The exclusive card that was auctioned

On April 19, 2020 the documentary series The Last Dance it met the light and quickly became a worldwide rage. But the most striking thing that this mega production generated is the effervescence among the collectors of Michael Jordan, who surpass the astronomical figures that they invest every month to keep some of the objects that are related to the mythical 23. During the last days, a buyer set a new record in the matter: disbursed 1,440,000 million dollars to acquire a 1997 card which was signed by the Chicago Bulls symbol and also had a fragment of the jersey he wore in the All-Star de 1992.

The person who appropriated this gem for collectors he preferred to remain anonymous “at least for now”, according to the North American media TMZ that echoed the news. The purchase was made through the specialized house Heritage Auctions, “The largest auctioneer of collectibles in the world”.

The particularity of this object, cataloged as “Super rare” by the aforementioned means, it is its exclusivity: only 23 cards were produced Upper Deck Game Jersey de Michael Jordan en 1997. “Only twenty-three of these cards were produced and no others were made, ever”, they expressed. The card has the number 8/23: “It not only features a stylish Jordan signature in a fine blue marker that would be incentive enough to bid, but also a sizeable display of the jersey Jordan wore in 1992 at the NBA All-Star Game.”, described the auction house.

According to PSA (one of the most important means in card authentication and qualification), this object is qualified like “almost flawless 7” and the quality of the signature was considered like “almost flawless 8”. Before reaching this record number, there were 61 offers in Heritage Auctions to try to get hold of this exclusive product.

The back of the card
The back of the card

The figure that had remained in history for a Jordan card had been paid a few months ago at the same auction house: paid $ 915,000 for a 1997 Michael Jordan Metal Universe Precious Metal Gem card.

However, it presents as extra data the fragment of the shirt that Michael wore at the 1992 All Stars, on a day he scored 18 points and gave 5 assists but had as an outstanding fact the return of the legendary Magic Johnson, who had retired prior to the 1991/92 season after contracting HIV. Magic was the MVP after the victory of the West over the East by 115-113.

This new marks the “explosion” of the prices of different objects collectibles related to Jordan and his time in the NBA, something that was accentuated thanks to the publication of the documentary that also broke records.


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