The Last Journey: Relief Indouri who said ‘A Mauti Tune Mere Zamidar Jaya’


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The famous poet Rahat Indori, who said goodbye to this world due to a heart attack in a hospital here during treatment of Corona virus infection, was delivered here on Tuesday night. ‘Two yards is the right milestone, a death you made me zamindar’, as this was the last journey of Rahat Indouri, which the lion calls. He was 70 years old. Indauri was given a final farewell by some of his family members and close people, buried in the small cemetery of the small town of Khajrani. Also Read – ‘Our friend ate a fucking corona, a small fat heart attack, relief Indouri would have suffered like this’

Due to his poetry, full of love and courage, only 20 people were present at the cemetery when he was buried Indori, who ruled the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Most of these people wore a kit of personal protective equipment to protect them from Kovid-19. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, many of his fans could not come to the cemetery to give him a final farewell. Also Read – Rahat Indauri: There was a rebellion in poetry, even love, ‘there is little India of one’s father … applause used to ring

Earlier, the body of Indori, wrapped in a special bag, was brought directly to the cemetery from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAMS). Police personnel were deployed to maintain order around the cemetery. Meanwhile, Symes said in a statement released on Tuesday night, “Indouri had a heart attack at one o’clock this afternoon. He was saved from this. But after two hours, he again suffered a heart attack and died at five in the evening. ” Also Read – #RahatIndori: Now neither I am, nor the rest of my era…. Social media immersed in tears, people remembering Rahat Indouri

The statement said, “Up to 60 percent of pneumonia occurred in both lungs of Indori. So they were put on artificial respiratory system. He was also given high-level antibiotics and the latest antiviral drugs. ” The hospital said in a statement that Indori was already battling chronic diseases of heart and kidney along with diabetes and high blood pressure. He was found infected with the corona virus in a report on Monday evening. Poet himself gets infected by tweeting himself on Tuesday morning


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