The Last Kingdom: 10 of the most memorable deaths from the Netflix series


Whereas followers are excited for season 4 of The Last Kingdom to reach on Netflix, they’re additionally in all probability fairly frightened about what might occur to their favorite characters.

The present has by no means been shy about killing off main gamers and given the massive ensemble forged set to look, it appears possible that not everybody can be making it out alive.

With that in thoughts, now looks like an excellent time to look again on the first three seasons of The Last Kingdom, to recollect some of the most stunning deaths to date… (beware spoilers for season 1-3 of The Last Kingdom)

Queen Iseult

Queen Iseult in The Last Kingdom (Charlie Murphy, season one)

Uhtred crossed paths with Iseult (Charlie Murphy) when he went plundering throughout Cornwall, rapidly falling for the pagan queen with obvious clairvoyant skills. After all, the means she ambiguously promised to be with Uhtred “till the finish” advised her days had been numbered. Such language tends to tempt destiny in reveals like The Last Kingdom. However whereas not surprising, Iseult’s violent loss of life stays a tragic second in the climax of season one, beheaded by depraved viking warrior Skorpa of the White Horse.


Gerard Kearns plays Halig in The Last Kingdom

Halig (Gerard Kearns) was a humble and honourable Saxon man, who was so loyal to Uhtred that he was bought into slavery alongside him after King Guthred’s betrayal. They had been held captive on a ship collectively and subjected to horrible abuse, with their solely escape try thwarted and punished with Halig’s barbaric loss of life. Strapped to the entrance of the boat, he was slowly drowned by the waves because it sailed throughout the sea, rowed by Uhtred and his fellow slaves who might hear him endure. A very horrifying finish for a personality that didn’t deserve it – however relaxation assured, he was avenged…

Abbot Eadred


Typically you simply can’t wait to see a personality get what’s coming to them and this was one such event. Abbot Eadred (David Schofield) was as spiteful as they arrive and the true architect of Uhtred’s banishment to slavery. Not solely was Halig’s blood on his palms, however he additionally tried to power Uhtred’s lover, Gisela, into marriage with a person she despised. He was a foul egg by means of and thru so when Uhtred stabbed him in a match of rage, it was laborious to not really feel like justice was served.

Odda the Youthful/Elder


The Oddas had been a really unlucky line of noblemen. Launched in season one of The Last Kingdom as two of King Alfred’s most trusted advisers, it quickly grew to become obvious that Odda the Youthful (Brian Vernel) was to not be trusted. His loyalty to the crown was uncovered as fleeting when he sided with the Danes, believing Alfred to be lifeless after the invasion of Wessex. As you’ll be able to inform from his inclusion on this record, it didn’t finish properly for him.

Odda the Youthful’s loss of life stands out as one of season one’s most stunning because it was dealt by the hand of his personal father! When Odda the Elder (Simon Kunz) realised that Alfred was nonetheless alive and planning to recapture Wessex, he knew his son was doomed to execution for treason. Somewhat than go down with him, he selected to make the final show of loyalty to Alfred by taking a knife to his son as he addressed the individuals of their property. The drastic determination was made with disappointment, leaving him with out an inheritor.

In the second season, as Alfred threatened to destroy Wessex by paying an enormous ransom to the Danes, Odda the Elder realised the devastation this is able to trigger in the long-term. He acted in opposition to the king (fairly rightly), summoning a military to combat the vikings that resulted in an important victory for Wessex. Nonetheless, for disobeying the king’s orders and risking the life of his kidnapped daughter, Odda was branded a traitor. He killed himself in jail whereas awaiting execution, no doubt one of the most unjust deaths in The Last Kingdom.


Skade is a powerful seer who enraptures men before luring them to their deaths

One of The Last Kingdom’s most despicable figures, Skade (Thea Sofie Loch Næss) was a sadistic and bloodthirsty seer who destroyed males from the inside out along with her curses. Uhtred got here below one such spell and felt its results terribly, studying that the solely option to break it might be to kill Skade with none blood being spilled. However time handed with none motion and it appeared as if he had fallen for her seduction. He had everybody fooled, from characters in the present to the viewers watching at house, making Skade’s grim destiny all the extra stunning. Throughout a steamy tub in a secluded stretch of river, Uhtred abruptly held her below the water till she drowned in a single of The Last Kingdom’s darkest moments thus far.



When Erik (Christian Hillborg) was launched early in season two as a hard viking warrior, few might have anticipated they’d be rooting for him so passionately just some episodes later. When he and his brother kidnapped woman Aethelflaed of Mercia, a softer aspect to his character emerged they usually quickly fell in love. On paper it feels like Stockholm syndrome, however relaxation assured their romance blossomed naturally and their earnest plan to run away collectively was actually compelling. It’s an amazing disgrace that it didn’t work out, as Erik was slain by his brother when he found what had been happening.

Ragnar the Youthful

Ragnar is murdered in his sleep by Aethelwold, a death that prevents him from entering Valhalla

The Last Kingdom has no scarcity of actually stunning moments and this was yet one more. Uhtred’s adoptive brother Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) had been a pleasant face all through the first three seasons, confirmed to be an affordable man in addition to a fierce warrior. So when Aethelwold hatched a loopy plan to kill him, nobody thought the energy hungry menace would truly succeed! Alas, he crept into Ragnar’s tent in the lifeless of evening and stabbed him repeatedly in his sleep, sending him to the chilly world of Niflheim (hell) quite than wonderful Valhalla (heaven), based on the viking beliefs. A dishonourable option to go for one of Uhtred’s key allies.


The treacherous Aethelwold returns to Wessex, where one of his eyes is burned out with a red hot rod

What goes round comes round. When Ragnar was found murdered in his tent, there was no means that Uhtred and Brida had been going to let the loss of life go unpunished. Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) had been a treacherous presence in Wessex since The Last Kingdom started, believing that the throne was rightfully his. His scheming didn’t turn into a real risk till season three, the place he stoked up opposition from all sides in opposition to the ailing King Alfred. However his destiny was sealed when Brida realized of his half in Ragnar’s loss of life. In the closing moments of the series finale, Uhtred stabbed a terrified Aethelwold in the woods, which allowed his brother’s soul to lastly be at peace.

King Alfred

David Dawson plays King Alfred in The Last Kingdom

After all, not each loss of life in The Last Kingdom is violent (though most of them are). King Alfred (David Dawson) handed away in mattress after struggling from unwell well being for a few years, however fortuitously he was capable of make peace with Uhtred beforehand, acknowledging that he ought to have handled him higher. The sophisticated relationship between them has at all times been an enormous half of this series, so Alfred’s loss of life stands to have the greatest influence on The Last Kingdom transferring ahead.



Maybe the most upsetting loss of life on this record, the homicide of Thyra (Julia Bache-Wiig) at the finish of season three made for terribly distressing viewing. After being rescued from years of abuse and captivity, Uhtred’s adoptive sister lastly discovered happiness in Wessex along with her marriage to Father Beocca. Thyra overcame the trauma of her imprisonment and handled everybody with kindness, solely to fulfill a dreadful destiny at the palms of a merciless man who hated her solely as a result of she was a Dane. She hid below the floorboards when he adopted her house, however discovered herself trapped when he set the home on hearth, tragically perishing in the blaze.

The Last Kingdom season 4 lands on Netflix on Sunday, 26th April


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