The Last of Us creator reveals Ellie’s last name, which pays a curious tribute to video games


Neil Druckmann has shared a tweet on his official account where he confirms something that fans suspected.

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More than a year has passed since the launch of The Last of Us: Parte II, one of the most important titles of the last generation of PlayStation (it was the Game of the Year), with Naughty Dog going back to a franchise that was already important enough with only one installment behind it, and now preparing a new multiplayer.

But of his world there are still many things to know and, although the second part leaves us with numerous details if we look at the small clues that are in each scene or conversation, the one that concerns us today had not been clarified. And is that Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us, has revealed through Twitter what Ellie’s last name is.

Ken and Roberta Williams founded Sierra On-LineAs we see in a message on the official account of the co-chair of the study, Ellie’s last name is Williams, which pays tribute to Ken and Roberta Williams, two founding video game designers of Sierra On-Line, a company that played a leading role in North American industry since the 1980s. They led the adventure adventure genre with titles known as King’s Quest or Mystery House, and Druckmann is a great admirer of their work, which served as inspiration for many developers working in the world today.

Regarding Ellie Williams, fans had echoed this detail a while ago, when in a Japanese manual of the first game Williams appeared as his last name, although Naughty Dog removed any mention of it during development and it was not considered canon. So far, that the author himself has said.

About The Last of Us, in recent months we have talked about other aspects that surround the saga, such as the case of the guitar minigame in the second installment, or the own HBO series which has been filming and presented its first official image last September, where we saw Pedro Pascal in the role of Joel and Bella Ramsey playing Ellie.

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