The Last of Us fans believe that a very important cameo from the second game has taken place in the last episode


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the sixth episode of The Last of Us series and the game The Last of Us: Part II.

There is a scene from the last episode of The Last of Us series that has excited fans, and all because many they believe that Dina, Ellie’s partner in The Last of Us: Part II, appears in it for the first time.

In the scene in question, Joel and Ellie can be seen eating together with Tommy and Maria. There is a moment when Ellie looks up and sees a girl behind a column looking at her with some curiosity.. She ends up leaving the room as soon as Ellie asks her (in the only way she knows) what she wants.

Many fans believe that this girl is none other than Dina., Ellie’s partner and partner in The Last of Us: Part II. This idea gains strength if we refer to the part of the game in which both tell how they met: Ellie comments that she was “overwhelmed” by all the food she saw in the living room and Dina tells her that she saw her that day and that she couldn’t stop wondering who was that girl “who was stealing all the jerky”.

The user of Twitter named @ellievjoel shared both the scene from The Last of Us: Part II in which they both tell how they met and the scene from the series in which Dina’s first cameo appears to occur. We leave you the tweet below so you can connect the dots yourself (via GamesRadar):

Neither Neil Druckmann nor Craig Mazin, the co-creators of The Last of Us series, have confirmed if she is Dina. As published by the user @TheLastofUsNews in Twitter, Druckmann only said that “in Part II, there’s a story about the first time Dina met Ellie that’s very similar to what happens here.” For his part, Mazin said that “that doesn’t mean she’s Dina, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t either.” thus leaving the door open to the possibility.

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What is clear is that many fans think the pieces fit perfectlysomething that has led to the issue being become a trend on Twitter.

Episode 7 of The Last of Us series is coming to HBO Max in the early morning of February 27. You can already see a preview of it.

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