The Last of Us image sneaks into CES 2022 and enhances Tom Henderson’s leak about the remake


The supposed remake of Joel and Ellie has become a recurring rumor that is gaining momentum.

In the video game sector, there are rumors that quickly disappear and there are others that last for many years. Today we focus on this second group of speculations with the supposed remake of The Last of Us, which gains strength once again on the networks thanks to a couple of key events: the image of Joel y Ellie during Sony’s conference at CES 2022 and new statements from Tom Henderson.

I’ve heard from multiple people that the TLOU remake is almost doneTom HendersonStarting with the first, Sony has starred in the CES 2022 with the presentation of their PlayStation VR2 and the arrival of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut to PC. During his talk, he has released a set of images related to the star characters from the PlayStation brand, and the community was quick to point out the presence of Joel and Ellie in this short trailer.

Although this may seem like a mere detail, Tom Henderson, known for his leaks in the video game world, he has commented on new details around the remake of The Last of Us: “I have heard from multiple people that the remake of TLOU is almost finished and can be launched during the second half of 2022“In addition to this, the journalist also claims to know data about the multiplayer of The Last of Us: Part 2 and a Director’s Cut version, although their joint premiere would be equivalent to retraso de God of War: Ragnarok.

Of course, these are nothing more than unconfirmed elucubrations and the same leaker believes that the image of Joel and Ellie is due more to the hbo series than to news about games. Despite this, there is no doubt that the rumor has ignited the spark of the community more than once, as the Bloomberg agency has also confirmed the existence of The Last of Us remake, something that has been empowered even more so with the latest statements from Naughty Dog.

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