The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal is the “ultimate father” in an adorable new photo with the Ellie and Sarah actresses


Pedro Pascal is taking the role of “sad father” he plays in The Last of Us series very seriously, and now has taken an adorable photo with his two fictional daughters, Nico Parker and Bella Ramsey.

The actress of Ellie (Bella Ramsey) posted on Instagram a photo where appear she, Pedro Pascal and Sarah’s actress (Nico Parker) hanging out. Pascal commented saying, “My two little big bosses,” and Parker added, “It’s confirmed that Pedro is now the ultimate father.”

Later, the user @djarinwidow He took those photos a step further by sharing them on Twitter and adding: “I think the two of you would have been good friends.. I think you would have liked him. I know you would have liked it.” This is a reference to The Last of Us games, when Joel tells Ellie that he thinks she and Sarah would have gotten along great if they could have met..

Even though the two characters don’t get a chance to meet, it looks like the two actresses who play her are having a great time. And they manage to strike a chord with us once again.

La serie de The Last of Us premiered early Monday morning with 4.7 million viewers. In our review of the series, we said, “HBO’s The Last of Us is a awesome adaptation which should excite newcomers and enrich those already familiar with Joel and Ellie’s journey alike.”

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