The Last of Us series already has an actress for Ellie (and it will sound like a Game of Thrones)


Update: hours later after the publication of this news, Deadline confirms that Pedro Pascal will be Joel.

Original news:

One of the video game adaptations that we look forward to the most is undoubtedly that of The Last of Us which is preparing HBO with Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin as showrunner and sequel director Neil Druckmann as executive producer and Kantemir Balagov as director. In this series the success story of Naughty Dog will be adapted, with the main couple: Joel and Ellie.

Regarding the young woman immune to cordycepsWe already have an actress confirmed to play this role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be Bella Ramsey. If the name of this young 17-year-old English actress already sounds familiar to you, it is probably because you know her from her appearance in Game of Thrones, in which she did not leave anyone indifferent.

Bella Ramsey played the role of the young leader Lyanna Mormont, head of House Mormont and Lady of Bear Island, who became the first to proclaim Jon Snow as King in the North in the face of the Battle of the Bastards.

The medium also takes advantage of this information to deny that Mahershala Ali is going to be Joel, a rumor that was brewing for a few hours. It is considered that the protagonist of the third season of True Detective and the future Blade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been among the candidates, but in the end he has not been chosen or has declined the offer.

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The Last of Us series will adapt (and will expand) the plot of the first game, in which the story is set 20 years after a global pandemic caused by a fungus decimated the population. Joel survives as best he can as a smuggler and one of his most important assignments will be to guide a young 14-year-old girl from the quarantine zone and across the United States to safety. Indeed, that girl is Ellie, one of the best characters in the history of video games.