The launch of Dying Light 2 is still scheduled for 2021 and there will be more news “very, very soon”


Techland has released a new video with updates on the development of Dying Light 2, as promised last week. Includes a new piece of gameplay gameplay and the confirmation that the study aims to launch the game this year 2021.

The launch of Dying Light 2 was delayed indefinitely in 2020, but the published video that you can see below allows us to confirm that Techland is confident of being able to launch it this year, although without specifying a date yet.

This is a huge and complex project so we needed time to make sure it will deliver on our vision.“comments a developer in the video.”All of us here are putting our hearts into offering a game to enjoy for months. We’ll be ready to talk about Dying Light 2 very, very soon“.

Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala comments in the video that the Techland team “You need trust and support, as this is what motivates us, especially now that circumstances are difficult for everyone“He also comments that the team is proud to have such a devoted fan base, no matter how they express their feelings. This is an allusion to the beginning of the video where the team reads some tweets from angry fans, and asks that they have.”a little more patience“.

The video shows about 30 seconds of gameplay.

This video comes just weeks after reports were released that the development of Dying Light 2 has been hampered by alleged internal issues, including an autocratic level of leadership that has led numerous team members to walk away from the project and look for another. study.

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