The launch of Serious Sam 4 on consoles closer: they register the shooter for PS5 in Germany


Croteam’s FPS postponed its release on consoles last year due to its exclusivity with Stadia.

The landing of Serious Sam 4 on consoles could be quite close, or that at least lets us speculate the record of Croteam’s action-shooter game for PS5 on the USK, the German content rating system with huge stickers.

The information offered is quite scarce, and it only lets us see how, as anyone could imagine, Serious Sam 4 is listed for people over 18 years of age. Expect the FPS to debut on Xbox Series X | S simultaneously.

The end of September marked a year since the release of Serious Sam 4 exclusively for Stadia and PC via Steam and GOG. This first with the Google service did not sit well with the players, although from the first moment there was information that placed the premiere of the production on consoles in 2021.

Serious Sam 4

The video game was launched a year ago on PC in addition to StadiaWith Serious Sam 4, Croteam guarantees to bring back the classic formula of the franchise in the company of new additions to take your action to a level never before seen, which includes an unstoppable arsenal of weapons against endless hordes of enemies. If you want to know more about the production, do not hesitate to consult the analysis of Serious Sam 4 by colleague Alberto Pastor who said in his conclusions: “It has what you need to please any old school action fan, but the lack of novelties and the repetitiveness of his fights keep him from the greatest of the genre. “

Since the original release of the FPS there have been news about its creators. Thus, Croteam was bought by Devolver Digital, one of the largest independent and alternative launch publishers in the currently expanding industry.

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