The life lesson Klopp gave to a Liverpool youth who arrived with a luxury watch and a high-end car

Klopp has been in command of Liverpool since the end of 2015 (Photo: Reuters)
Klopp has been in command of Liverpool since the end of 2015 (Photo: Reuters)

– What did you come for?

– In a Mercedes

– What do you have in your hand?

– A Rolex

– How many games have you played with the main team?

– Zero…

The dialogue kept it Jürgen Klopp with a Liverpool juvenil during a first day of preseason and saw the light in the last hours as a result of an interview given by the former defender of the British club Dejan Lovren, who illustrated the leadership method that the German coach maintained to prevent “superstar” egos from dominating some youngsters without a journey.

“I will tell you a little story. In 2017, on the first day of preseason training with Liverpool, an 18-year-old, I will not name him, came to train in a Mercedes with a gold Rolex on his wrist.. Klopp saw this and asked: ‘What did you come with? … ”, detailed the Croatian defender who defended the shirt of the Reds between 2014 and 2020. The dialogue that came between the DT and the young man is the one that opens this note.

“Did that man react in any way?” Lovren was asked about this anecdote. “Yes, of course, he arrived without them and in an ordinary car”, replied the 31-year-old athlete in dialogue with the official website of the Zenit, the club to which he emigrated in the middle of last year.

In line with this life lesson he saw from Klopp, the world runner-up for Croatia in 2018 reflected: “Everything has its time. That is the wrong approach to show with the appearance that you are now in the center. I do not condemn the young, I condemn the parents. My parents always told me to be more modest”.

Klopp and Lovren shared five seasons at Liverpool (Photo: Reuters)
Klopp and Lovren shared five seasons at Liverpool (Photo: Reuters)

The defender started at Dinamo Zagreb in his country, but in 2010 he made the leap to French football for the military at Lyon. “I left when I was twenty, it was difficult for me. I was stupid, of course: after the first paycheck I bought a Maserati, but after a couple of months someone from above seemed to hit me and tell me that that was not the point of life. The meaning of life is to work hard and hard. This is what life and football taught me: never relax. Never. There will be ups and downs in racing, but a great player differs in that after a fall he not only gets up, but gets even better. If a player does not enter the field for six, seven or eight months, then he is in trouble. I had a similar period, which lasted two or three months, but then I came back. Because I fight. And I sold the Maserati … ”, he assured.

The man who also played for Southampton in the Premier League is already the owner of the captain’s belt at Zenit. From that role of leader, he elaborated on his gaze on the times in football: “In modern football there are no longer young players who kick balls or bring water to footballers because there are people specially in charge of it. And I think this is not always good. Young people should learn to play big football as soon as possible, how it works from the inside ”.

At the same time, he said that he I would rather “not use” social media. “I can remove everything so I can focus on the real thing. But this is not so easy to do for the younger generation. All these stupid things and services take a lot of time and attention. They make a person not focus on soccer. Today is part of football but if you are a high-level player and you earn money with football. If you are a superstar and you can tell people something really good and important. Even so, no need to use it every day. And there are people who check their social networks three times a day, they post photos. This bothers me a lot in young people ”.

Lovren landed at Zenit in mid-2020 (Photo: Reuters)
Lovren landed at Zenit in mid-2020 (Photo: Reuters)


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