The long-awaited K-drama full of romance and fantasy that just arrived on HBO Max

The South Korean series mixes the genres of romance, comedy and fantasy.  (HBOMax)
The South Korean series mixes the genres of romance, comedy and fantasy. (HBOMax)

People just fall in love and dedicate their lives to love. Sometimes, they take the other’s life for it. However, have you ever imagined that we all have a guardian angel who helps us in what we need most, even in finding said love? Well, that’s the way it is in this 32-episode story directed by Jung-seob Lee. But in the end, this divine being ends up falling in love with the mortal girl.

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when an angel falls in love (The last mission of the angel: love) is a 2019 fantasy drama romantic comedy starring Kim Myung Sooalong with the actress Shin Hye-sun. Myung Soo also known artistically as L, since he is a South Korean singer, dancer, model and actor, member of the band INFINITE-.

Kim Myung Soo y Shin Hye-sun protagonizan "when an angel falls in love". (KBS)
Kim Myung Soo and Shin Hye-sun star in “When an Angel Falls in Love.” (KBS)

The plot centers on a cold-hearted woman who meets an immature angel and they have to face an unexpected tragedy at a crucial moment. Lee Yeon Seo is a cynical and arrogant dancer who becomes the heiress due to the sudden death of her parents. But she doesn’t believe in anyone, as there are many people around her who are on the lookout for the money she inherited from her. So, her distrust and arrogance make her unable to love.

Over time, the girl becomes the best dancer, but she has an accident that will force her to give up her dream. Into her life comes Kim Dan, a mischievous angel who, when his duty as an earth angel ends, causes trouble. So, now he only has one last chance to overcome the critical situation of being able to become extinct. And that opportunity is to be “Cupid” for Yeon Seo. But she will have to be patient, since Yeon Seo is very arrogant.

poster of "when an angel falls in love" in Korean, original language of the title.  (KBS)
Poster of “When an angel falls in love” in Korean, original language of the title. (KBS)

In its cast, in addition to the protagonists, when an angel falls in love features the performances of Lee Dong-gun, Kim Bo-Miwho is part of the main cast. And then there are Kim In-kwon, Woo Hee-jin, Ji-won Do and Hwa-ryong Lee; the latter is one of the most recognized actors in the TV industry in South Korea.

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This great romance and fantasy story was created by KBS Drama Production, Scripted by Choi Yoon-kyo. Its original official distribution medium was KBS and it is now available for Latin America through HBO Max. If you’re a fan of K-dramas, don’t miss out on this newcomer to the platform this October.


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