The long-awaited Skate returns with a comic trailer “in the works” and prepares for its first closed tests


According to recent leaks, EA planned to present this title sometime in July.

There are not a few players who expect more news around the new Skate, which closed the EA Play conference back in 2020. The developer has made us wait for a long time, but some recent leaks They pointed to an upcoming presentation and, as additional information, they also dropped a supposed release date that pushed it to the 2023. In short, a couple of news that conclude in what has been published today: a comic trailer and a promise.

At the moment, EA cannot specify when we will be able to play Skate as InsidersAs you can see in the video that heads this news, EA has prepared a presentation that focuses on two main ideas: the game is still in an early stage, but promises an experience never seen in the franchise. And it is that, as its authors comment in the description of the trailer on YouTube, “It is still early, but we want to do this well and that means that we want you to be part of it“.

Skate (2023)

But the news does not end here. After all, EA is preparing for the first closed betas and, continuing with the statements cited in the previous paragraph, invites us to participate through an Insiders program. “As a skate.insider, you have the opportunity to play early versions of the game and provide feedback throughout the development process,” reads the EA website. “We need to scale access to skate gradually as development progresses to ensure a seamless experience, and that means we cannot guarantee how soon you will be able to play“. If you want to be part of the program, you just have to register through the EA website.

It is not the first time that the authors of Skate have tried to reassure their fans by ensuring that they are still working on the project, since the community has been waiting for news from EA for quite some time. What we do know is that this will be the first Skate to come to PC, since the games in the saga had only been released on PS3 y Xbox 360.

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