The Longest Night Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


The Longest Night Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

“The Longest Night,” often referred to as “La Noche más larga,” is a Spanish criminal action thriller television series produced by Xosé Morais with Victor Sierra.

The serial murderer alligator, whose real name was Simón Lago, was first caught.

He is housed within the Baruca Hill Psychiatric Correctional Facility, a combination prison and hospital, as opposed to being sent to a maximum-security jail.

The prison’s warden or director, Hugo Roca, finds out right away that his oldest daughter, Laura, had been kidnapped.

Laura will be killed by the kidnappers if Hugo surrenders Simón.

An armed gang of individuals arrive, and Hugo realises that they’re the people he is meant to defend the serial murderer from.

After its premiere, “The Longest Night”‘s first season received mostly positive reviews.

Excellent reviews were given to the pacing, performances, and fast-paced action.

Your inquiry about if “The Longest Night” is getting a second season has an answer.

Starting with the critically praised show Money Heist with the blockbuster drama Who Killed Sara, Spanish programming has been roaring to success.

The Money Heist spinoff Berlin was released, but the release date for Who Killed Sara’s third season is still unknown.

Netflix has launched The Longest Night, a fan-favorite Spanish series, while we wait for the television favourites.

The Dose Morais-created series will appeal to viewers of jail escape programmes like jail Break since it has all the twists and tension they need.

Here is all the information you need to understand about the thriller series on Netflix.

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The Longest Night Season 2 Release Date

The thriller series’ next episodes have not yet been announced.

The crime series premiered on July 8 of this year, and as of this writing, neither Netflix nor the show’s makers have provided an update.

The programme has a 5.7/10 rating on IMDB, and as programmes with similar scores have been renewed there, there is a probability that the programme may return for a second season.

The second season may contain the same amount of shows or more than the previous season’s six.

Fans of the series may have a wonderful year in 2023 if Netflix approves of the second episode.

The Longest Night Season 2 Cast

As The Longest Night season, 2 will not be there. Let us see the cast of The Longest Night released in 2022.

  • Alberto Ammann played the character Hugo Roca
  • Luis Callejo played the character Simón Lago
  • Bárbara Goenaga played the character Dr. Elisa Montero
  • José Luis García Pérez played the character Lennon
  • Roberto Álamo played the character Ruso
  • Daniel Albaladejo played the character Cherokee
  • Cecilia Freire played the character Manuela Moñoz
  • Xabier Deive played the character Bastos
  • Sabela Arán played the character Macarena Montes
  • Laia Manzanares played the character Sara Oliver Gómez
  • César Mateo played the character Willy
  • Maria Caballero played the character Laura Roca
  • David Solans played the character Javi
  • Lucía Díez played the character Núria
  • Zoe Arnao played the character Alicia Roca
  • Iván Renedo played the character Guillermo Roca
  • Simón Ramos played the character Pincho
  • Javier Bódalo played the character Jeringa
  • Pablo Alamá played the character Rey
  • José Alias played the character Carmelo
  • Laura Baena played the character Lupe
  • Adolfo Fernández played the character Dr. Emilio Espada
  • Paula Morado played the character Raquel
  • Fran Berenguer played the character Richi
  • Huichi Chiu played the character Emma
  • Santiago Molero played the character Cardenal
  • Angel Pardo played the character Andrés
  • Jean Cruz played the character Diego
  • Said Chatiby played the character Said
  • Paula García Sabio played the character Wife
  • Roman Rymar played the character Rubio
  • Paco Marín played the character Chema López
  • Ana Francisco played the character TV Reporter
  • Elisa Matilla played the character Rosa
  • Alejandro Tous played the character Client
  • Natalia Agüero Avecilla played the character Neighbor
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The Longest Night Season 2 Trailer

The Longest Night Season 2 Plot

There is no doubt regarding the storyline of The Longest Night since season 2 won’t exist, however for the time being, let’s look at the The Longest Night plot.

The Longest Night is a television show about December 24, where the SWAT squad captures the infamously notorious Simon Lago after he had eluded capture for decades.

After being detained, Simon Lago was transported to Monte Baruco. It served as a jail for mentally sick people.

He arrived at the scene where a guy was eating Christmas dinner family his three children when he was called to duty as the jail warden.

The phone ended and Hugo Roca has no choice but to travel to the jail right now.

However, Hugo Roca brought his son and daughter, who were the youngest, along. when his oldest was away with her mother.

In addition, a strangely recruited gang has arrived here, and Lennon is currently giving them instructions on how to locate Simón.

Simón informed Hugo about what was happening in the meanwhile, and the gang was waiting outside for Hugo to decide whether to give Simón to them.

Hugo had previously prepared his movements and put up opposition to the demand, but when his oldest daughter is taken captive by the organisation, the scenario turns out to be far more violent. Hugo will show what happens, therefore viewers ought to catch The Longest Night.

Hugo makes an effort to rescue Baruca at the conclusion in The Longest Night’s first season by getting a call from Rosa and Andrés.

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Thankfully, Laura escapes being shot, but the strain of it all sets off her heart issues.

In addition, Lennon challenges Hugo onto the roof, when a fight breaks out until Hugo intervenes by saying he’s phoned the police.

Making a bargain or staying and resisting the authorities is the only option.

Lennon and Hugo understand that someone was assisting Simon from beyond and influencing them from a distance after discussing everything.

At the very end, a photograph at Rosa’s home shows Hugo, Rosa, her husband, plus the unidentified guy in charge of everything together, indicating that everything is much more interconnected than we were previously lead to believe.