The massive accident 500 meters from the finish line that defined a race: 12 cyclists collided because of a roundabout


Multitudinous accident on the Star of Bessèges

The Belgian Timothy Dupont, of the team Bingoal WB, was the fastest of the stage held this Thursday between Saint-Geniès de Malgoires and La Calmette, of the French race Star of Bessèges. The cyclist was able to rise to victory thanks to having escaped 500 meters before the finish line of a multiple accident involving 12 riders.

The 153.8-kilometer route had a roundabout in its final part that divided the top peloton in two. The curve made one of the cyclists fall and several others went to the asphalt with him, thus leaving a bumpy image shortly after the finish line.

Dupont raised his arms as the winner of the second stage of the Star of Bessèges, with a time of 3h.35.14, but the leader is still the French Christophe Laporte (Cofidis), just two seconds ahead. The Ghent athlete, a 33-year-old veteran with numerous minor triumphs in his record, came ahead of the Frenchman Pierre barbier (Delko) y of the Italian Giacomo Nizzolo (Continue Assos).

Timothy Dupont, was the winner of the day this Thursday (AFP)
Timothy Dupont, was the winner of the day this Thursday (AFP)

This second stroke had several crashes but the last one completely cut off the leaders at the exit of a roundabout prior to the final stretch. Dupont showed his potential for speed there, he clearly prevailed in a scare day.

“The final stretch was very long, I turned in 5th or 6th position, waited for the right moment and came back with speed. We began to feel nervous in the peloton about twenty kilometers from the finish line. We have good results with this team, we play to win. We have two or three men who can play the qualifying ”, he declared after the end.

This Friday the third stage will start and finish in Bessèges, and will complete a route of 156.9 kilometers.


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