The memes exploded after the final between Palmeiras and Santos: from the complaints about a match without action, to Cuca’s shirt

Palmeiras took the Libertadores title in a match without too many risky actions (Photo: Reuters)
Palmeiras took the Libertadores title in a match without too many risky actions (Photo: Reuters)

The Maracana Stadium witnessed a low-key end of the Liberators cup: Palm Trees beat 1-0 at Santos with a goal after 98 minutes of play and took the title, but all eyes were focused on the little action that the game had. Social networks exploded before the soporific gambling process and made known their discontent with the classic memes.

The goal that Breno López scored was one of the few shots on goal in the match, which in total were three according to the platform’s statistics Opt. This was reflected in the anger of soccer fans who watched the most important match on the continent in the hope of seeing a match played.

Beyond the memes on this topic, the T-shirt he wore also stole glances Cuca, the coach of Fish. As was customary in the Libertadores matches, the driver of the defeated team wore an outfit with the Virgin Mary image and, given the scant activity on the pitch, this topic was one of the most commented on by users.

The Verdao He was crowned champion for the second time of the Libertadores and it gave the 20th title to the Brazilian teams, which are now five crowns behind the Argentines in the historical table of the tournament. This 100% Brazilian final was also mockery in networks with eyes on the fans of River and Boca, who were one step away from reaching the duel in the Maracana, but they were beaten in the semifinals by the two institutions that finally got the ticket to Rio de Janeiro.




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