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The millionaire purse that would distribute the third fight between Tyson and Holyfield: the fierce preparation of Iron Mike

This is how Mike Tyson prepares for a new challenge

This year boxing would have a clash with two historic heavyweights and both world champions: Mike Tyson y Evander Holyfield they would get back into a ring to face each other and complete a trilogy. Despite being an exhibition, the fight would be this year in Dubai (no date confirmed yet) and there would be a prize pool close to the $ 300 million.

In November Iron Mike returned to the ring in an exhibition before Roy Jones Jr. and was so excited that he raised the possibility of another lawsuit, which according to the English newspaper The Sun would be before Holyfield, a rival that the former world champion’s team always aimed at.

If materialized, it would be the third time that both titans would face each other in the ring. Holyfield won the exciting first fight on November 9, 1996 by TKO in Las Vegas, when in betting, his rival had a 25 to 1 advantage. In the same scenario, the rematch took place seven months later, in one of the most infamous bouts of history, when on June 28, 1997, Tyson was disqualified for biting his opponent’s ear. For this, he was fined $ 3 million.

The day of Tyson's remembered bite of Holyfield.
The day of Tyson’s remembered bite of Holyfield.

The two veterans total 112 years, Tyson 54 and Holyfield 58, but they are very excited to see each other again. Return of Mike in november 2020 allowed him to win 10 million dollars in an event that was paid for television (50 dollars) and whose collection reached 80 million dollars.

The former North American fighter is also a magnet for everything he generated in his best years, when he became the youngest world champion of all time, at just 20 years old, won 44 fights on the fast track and became the athlete most feared on the planet. That is why today the young people who never saw him fight do recognize him as a legend, which is why seeing him at least in another exhibition, and more before his strongest rival, generates a lot of expectation. In fact, every time a video of his training has been published, it was all the rage on social media.

Tyson and Holyfield met twice.
Tyson and Holyfield met twice.

In the latest video posted you can see how Tyson connects a burst of powerful shots to the body of his coach, Rafael Cordeiro, while ducking and dodging incoming punches almost effortlessly. Those images denote his validity and dedication to continue providing a worthy show on the ring.

For all this, if the event takes place it would be spectacular, although it should be remembered that Holyfield has not fought since May 2011, when he defeated by technical KO Brian Nielsen in Copenhagen, Norway.

The reissue of this fight has been talked about for months. It is possible that on your return, Tyson have always had on the horizon to have again in front of Holyfield, and even if it is in an exhibition, this would be a historic evening.

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