The most efficient abilities and kit for Diona in Genshin Have an effect on


Diona is a 4-star Genshin Have an effect on personality wearing the part Cryo. Its major serve as is to heal the staff, even though it makes use of a bow to assault from a distance. The advantage of this personality is that he additionally has shields to give protection to himself.

Within the following information we depart you with all of the vital details about Diona, in addition to the record of the most productive guns and artifacts so that you can make the most of.

Elementary details about Diona at Genshin Have an effect on

assault degree 90

well being degree 90

protection degree 90

cryo injury degree 90








4 stars



Diona’s abilities at Genshin Have an effect on



hunter intention

Commonplace Assault: Carry out as much as 5 consecutive bow photographs.

Charged Assault: fires a Exact Shot that offers greater injury. When aiming, it creates a frost that collects Chilly at the arrowhead, dealing Cryo Harm when launched.

Descending assault: fires a barrage of arrows from the air and descends abruptly, dealing ranged injury when hitting the bottom.

icy claw

Fires icy claws, dealing Cryo Harm to enemies and making a defend is proportional to Max Existence. From Diona, and its length is determined by the selection of claws that hit its goal.

Press and grasp Briefly again up and fireplace 5 icy claws. As well as, it generates a defend that positive factors a 75% Harm absorption bonus.

This defend has a 250% Cryo Harm absorption bonus at the present personality.

killer cocktail

Throw a distinct icy cocktail that offers Cryo Harm at the adE and creates an intoxicating Mist in a space.

Offers steady Cryo Harm to enemies within the house.

The Well being of the characters which can be within the house is ceaselessly regenerated.

secret cat tail menu

Will increase Pace ​​by way of 10%. Transfer and cut back the Stamina Price of characters below the safety of the defend created by way of Ice Claw by way of 10%.

drunken a laugh

Decreases the ATK dealt by way of enemies getting into the Killer Cocktail house by way of 10% for 15 sec.

unfastened snack

When a “Very best” is completed in a dish with restorative results, there’s a 12% probability of acquiring double the quantity of the product.

Diona build talents

Constellations of Diona in Genshin Have an effect on

Area cocktail

When Killer Cocktail’s impact ends, Diona recovers 15 pts. of Elemental Power.

Glacial Purr

Will increase the wear and tear of Icy Claw by way of 15% and the wear and tear absorption of the defend by way of 15%.

Moreover, hitting an enemy creates a defend for different close by characters that absorbs as much as 50% of the wear and tear of Icy Claw for five seconds.

O-one extra drink?

Building up Killer Cocktail ability degree +3.

It may be greater as much as Lv. fifteen.

Wine business killer

Throughout the Killer Cocktail house, Diona’s Exact Shot rate time is decreased by way of 60%.

Double the ice!

Building up the ability degree of Icy Claw +3.

It may be greater as much as Lv. fifteen.

Last time

Characters throughout the Killer Cocktail house acquire one of the most following results relying on their Existence:

In case your Existence is the same as or lower than 50%, it will increase your Therapeutic Bonus won by way of 30%.

If its existence is upper than 50%, building up Elemental Mastery by way of 200 pts.

Constellations by Diona Genshin Impact

Guns for Diona in Genshin Have an effect on




assault degree 90

impact degree 1

Sacrifice Arch

4 stars



When dealing injury thru an Elemental Ability, there’s a 40% probability to reset the ToE of this ability. This impact can cause as soon as each 30 seconds.

Arco de Favonius

4 stars



CRIT Hits have a 60% probability to generate a small quantity of Elemental Debris, which can regenerate 6 Power for the nature. It might probably best happen as soon as each 12 seconds.

Armas para Diona Genshin

Artifacts for Diona in Genshin Have an effect on


voucher 2 items

voucher 4 items

historical ritual of the Aristocracy

Final Ability Harm + 20%.

After casting an Final Ability, building up the ATK of all staff individuals by way of 20% for 12 sec. This impact can not stack.

Cherished Maiden

Will increase therapeutic carried out by way of 15%.

The usage of an Elemental or Final Ability will increase the therapeutic won from all staff individuals by way of 20% for 10 sec.

Artefactos para Diona Genshin Impact

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