The most iconic moment of Street Fighter in the EVO is repeated in a fight to the surprise of Justin Wong


The popular professional gamer was the protagonist, alongside Daigo Umehara, of the legendary EVO Moment 37.

The history of fighting games has had many incredible moments, but none as legendary as the one known as EVO Moment 37 de Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. El combate entre Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong in 2004 He raised the audience to shouts and applause when Daigo, with barely a lifeline, chained the parry of 15 consecutive blows with Ken to counterattack and beat Justin’s Chun-Li.

Justin joked that his rival could be DaigoApparently Justin Wong started the year by reliving ghosts from the past in one of his matches. The player was broadcasting on his streaming channel when he faced Capge, a mysterious but skilled Japanese gamer. Employing the same character as Daigo and in a very similar life situation, replied Daigo’s perfect ‘parry’ to hit him back and win the fight almost identically.

“Do you think you are Daigo? You are not Daigo”, Justin joked in the moments before the stops, to immediately shout “He’s Daigo, he’s Daigo!“Justin himself shared the moment on his Twitter account while joking with how he had started the year and how he had let it go. would this happen to him again.

The EVO Moment 37 has become so famous that its protagonists recreated it in an exhibition in 2014. Also has been honored by artists as Alain Vu, a professional animator who worked on the 2019 Spanish film Klaus, who left us with a fantastic anime scene of the iconic showdown.

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