The Movie “Barbie” Is About To Make $1 Billion, But There Are No Plans For A Sequel


The Movie “Barbie” Is About To Make $1 Billion, But There Are No Plans For A Sequel:

Barbie from Warner Bros. is a huge hit, both as a movie as well as a trend in pop culture. After making more than $900 million on Thursday, it is only a few days away from making $1 billion at the box office around the world.

In most cases, the company that made such a hit would let people know that a remake is in the works. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, made by Paramount Pictures, had a sequel announced a week before it came out.

But Barbie is different from other movies. It came out under strange conditions, with both a writers’ strike or an actor’s strike making it hard to say who would be back on the show.

Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling’s Original Contracts Did Not Say That The Can Come Back For Barbie Sequel:

Margot Robbie as well as Ryan Gosling’s original contracts didn’t say that they could come back for a “Barbie” movie, so that’s what people say. This is a strange case, since most big series would buy the actors’ rights before the movie came out.

As for Greta Gerwig, Warner Bros. tried to make a deal with her to direct a second movie months before the initial one came out. Talks about a deal were put on hold until “Barbie” came out in stores. Since writers are on strike right now, talks are going to wait.

So, the big three “Barbie” characters don’t have any plans or deals set up right now. This implies that Gerwig, Gosling, as well as Robbie will make a lot of money for the movie if they sign on. Warner Bros. would have to pay too much to get them all back.

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And, in a rare case for a movie based on a big piece of intellectual property, the people who made the movie a hit do not have plans in place for a sequel.

That goes against the idea behind big brand plays like Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers, which grab up their talent in choices, which can be a bad sign.

Margot Robbie Is Not Going To Play Barbie Once Again:

Margot Robbie, who played Barbie on screen as well as was one of the directors along with her husband Tom Ackerley through their company LuckyChap, does not have a choice and is not required to play Barbie again.

She could come back as a producer only if she wanted to. Even though we don’t know how much she gets paid to play or how much she makes at the box office, any new deal could be a big hit. Observers also say that merchandise points could be on the table.

Ryan Gosling, who played Ken, who stole the show, doesn’t have a deal for a movie, either. Gosling’s position is not uncommon, since the actor is renowned for his “one as well as done” philosophy and his general dislike of big studio tentpoles.

The actor has been asked to be the lead in big IP movies before, yet even if Gosling has an interest in something, his “no sequel” policy puts a stop to deal-making.

Barbie Is Expected To Make $1  Billion Within Sales Worldwide:

“Barbie” is projected to reach $1 billion in sales around the world. The majority of films that make this much money have a sequel already in the works.

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The last movie to make a billion dollars was “Super Mario Bros.,” which came out in April of this year. Of course, a remake is already being made for that one.

Greta Gerwig Does Not Have Any Plan To Make Barbie Sequel:

Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the movie alongside Noah Baumbach as well as directing the high-wire act, is the movie’s ringmaster. Gerwig also doesn’t have any plans for a follow-up.

Sources say that the company talked to her about directing a sequel a few months before the film came out on July 21, but her agents at UTA put that off till Barbie came out.

With a movie about to make a billion dollars, that could turn out to be one of the best moves an agent makes all year.

The movie was made at a studio run by Toby Emmerich, his COO Carolyn Blackwood, as well as producers Courtenay Valenti and Cate Adams. The movie was first given the go-ahead and then made.

This group had to convince the remainder of the company that a movie project that had never been done before would be a good idea. Eventually, they were successful, and the price went from $80 million to $140 million.

Warners Merged Alongside Discovery In Spring Of 2022:

When Warners merged alongside Discovery within the spring of 2022, the movie was in the middle of production and could have been lost to the winds of change like some of the studio’s other movies.

However, the Malibu dream house was taken over by Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, who understood what the movie was about and what it was trying to say.

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This gave the filmmakers the freedom to find their way through the post-production process. The company then put together a marketing strategy whose messages walked a fine line.

Toy Company Mattel Have Hard Time Selling The Tagline “If you love Barbie or hate Barbie, this movie will appeal to you”:

Toy company Mattel had a hard time selling the early tagline “If you love Barbie or hate Barbie, this movie will appeal to you,” because the words “hate” and “Barbie” in the same sentence made them uncomfortable.

But Robbie Brenner, the head of Mattel’s film division and a director, managed to pave the way within the toy giant.

It Will Be Exciting To See What’s Gerwig Plans To Do If Barbie 2 Renewed:

When the time comes to a second “Barbie” movie, it will be exciting to see what’s Gerwig plans to do. Last month, she tells The New Yorker that her goal was “not to be the biggest woman director, yet a big studio director.” It’s over and done with.

The next project for Gerwig is a “Chronicles of Narnia” movie for Netflix. That will probably happen before there’s another “Barbie” movie.