The multimillionaire figure that the champion of the Copa Libertadores will win as a prize

The champion of the 2020 edition of the Copa Libertadores will win a multi-million dollar economic prize
The champion of the 2020 edition of the Copa Libertadores will win a multi-million dollar economic prize

The winner of the Copa Libertadores 2020, which will be defined this Saturday at the Maracanã stadium between the Brazilian teams Palmeiras and Santos, will win an unprecedented prize of $ 15 million for the title, while the runner-up 6 million, announced this Friday the Conmebol.

To that figure must be added what was distributed throughout the tournament in the phases prior to this unique final in Rio de Janeiro, so the champion will total $ 22,550,000, the highest amount in the history of the largest South American competition.

“Within the framework of its strategic axis of reinvesting in football what football generates, the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) increased the prize volume by more than 300% of all its competitions since 2016, “said the agency in a press release.

While the president Alejandro Dominguez He stressed through his social networks that “under one of our main strategic axes, Reinvesting in Soccer, since 2016 CONMEBOL has applied strong increases in the amounts distributed as prizes in all its competitions.” In this context, the Paraguayan leader added that “These resources are essential for South American football to be increasingly competitive.”


The economic expectations for the champion of the Copa Libertadores are unbeatable since You can add 1,250,000 more dollars if you win the Recopa the winner of the Sudamericana (Defense and Justice of Argentina), although in the worst case it will correspond to 750,000 for being in the final.

The title of the Libertadores guarantees the last champion his presence in the next edition from the group stage, where each of the teams has insured three million dollars if he says goodbye in that instance.

Another secure source of income is the FIFA Club World Cup, in which the representative of Conmebol will be awarded an extra 5 million dollars if he wins it, although if he is second he will add 4 million to his account, 2.5 million if he is third or two million for fourth place.

“Assuming that the Libertadores champion obtained the best possible results -something for which he would have more than enough sporting merits- would reach a total of USD 31,800,000, in around 12 months”, Highlighted the report. Conmebol “made strong increases in the prizes of all its competitions as of 2016, going in global numbers from USD 71,190,000 in 2015 to USD 229,300,000 by 2021,” said the agency.

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