The mysterious letter that Dani Alves’ wife received: “I don’t know who you are, but thank you very much”

Dani Alves, Joana Sanz and the unexpected letter that the model received from an admirer
Dani Alves, Joana Sanz and the unexpected letter that the model received from an admirer

The model Joana Sanz He lives difficult days: less than a month ago he lost his mother and her husband, the soccer player Dani Alves, was imprisoned after being denounced for sexual abuse. In his Instagram account, he even exposed his feelings. “I need your hug so much, to see you laugh or dance… I need your joy. You told me not to cry and I promise I’ll do my best not to. I have my liveliest days, but that inner cold always accompanies me… And, Sometimes it breaks me into a thousand pieces. I feel alone, you know?”, he wrote, directing his words to his mother.

It is that Sanz, 29, is going through mourning without the support of his partner, who has disappeared from his social networks after the accusation of having abused a woman in the bathroom of the Sutton nightclub on December 30. Although he has visited him in the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona and has declared “I am not going to leave him alone at the worst moment of his life”, the break seems a fact once the judicial process progresses. For now, the Brazilian’s defense requested to pay a bond and meet a series of requirements for him to receive probation, something that the lawsuit opposes.

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The Spanish press speaks of a “secret pact” between Sanz and Alves, at least until there is a definition in his case. The woman would stay close to her partner, so as not to let go of her hand, but at the same time distant from her. It is worth noting that the former Pumas de México alleges that the sexual relationship with the 23-year-old girl who accuses him was “consensual”. Joana had tried in recent days to detach herself from the personal drama that she suffers from her. After a lightning trip with a friend to Paris, she had reappeared on the networks with a video in which she was shown dancing. “Let’s go up”, she wrote with an emoji of a rocket taking flight.

Meanwhile, the model received a mysterious handwritten letter at her home. And she decided to share it on her social networks. The sender, an admirer named Alberto Sanz, who has no family relationship with the recipient of the letter. Her content touched Joana’s heart, to the point that she thanked her emphatically through a story on her Instagram account.

I don’t know who you are, but thank you very much for your words. I wish people would write letters to each other more often. We have lost this beautiful custom with technology. Thanks again for so much support, ”she replied.

The model's Instagram post, with the letter
The model’s Instagram post, with the letter


“I am writing to give you my support and my prayers. I like to pray and I pray a lot for you and your mom. I also recently lost my dad to a tumor. I loved seeing you dance with your mother and cheer her up for the little time she had left. I have suffered a lot because of what has happened to you privately and I don’t understand why. Perhaps because my name is the same or because I have experienced similar circumstances. I wanted to tell you that you are not alone. Your mother accompanies you and her spirit guides you, and all your angels. You shouldn’t feel alone because you’re not. Life is wonderful and yours has just begun. I am sure that you will overcome the difficulty that God has presented to you and I see you happy and resplendent. A hug. Alberto Sanz.

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