The mysterious posting of Pipa Benedetto that caused a furor among Boca Juniors fans

Boca Juniors fans dream of the return of Darío Benedetto (AFP)
Boca Juniors fans dream of the return of Darío Benedetto (AFP)

Darío Benedetto made the news this Sunday for a mysterious post on Instagram that caused fury among Boca Juniors fans. El Pipa used his account on the social network, which has more than 2 million followers, to share a story and a publication that had 60,000 “likes” and 1,700 comments.

“2022. Loading (cargando)”, The 31-year-old forward wrote along with a photo in his current team, Spain’s Elche, although his pass belongs to Olympique de Marseille. Of course, all the supporters turned to his account and asked for his return to Boca Juniors, where he left very good numbers.

“Volve Boquita is waiting for you”, “Change the colors, stay in Argentina pipe please”, “Come back Pipa”, “Come to Boca Pipaa”, “Turn it around”, “Pipa I returned to Boca !!!, there were just a few of the hundreds of messages they left him.

The other “gesture” that the fans took as a sign or wink towards the cast of La Ribera was that He modified his profile picture to one edited with a neutral white t-shirt.

In the past week, the names of Benedetto and Boca Juniors rejoined for the intention that they would both meet again. As it transpired, Juan Román Riquelme told him that the club’s doors are open and Pipa would have in mind to return to regain his footballing level that he lost in Europe, because he does not have the desired minutes.

Benedetto played 22 games at Olympique Marseille (seven as a starter) and could only score three times. After his arrival in Elche Spanish, the Pipa accumulates 15 games (seven as a starter) and two goals. However, he does not usually start the matches since the starting striker is former River Plate, Lucas Boyé.

“I said it at the time when I left. I am going to return to Boca either as a fan or a player. I am grateful to the people of Boca for the beautiful affection they give me to this day. Hopefully tomorrow I can return ”, Benedetto acknowledged a short time ago.

Of course, The operation does not seem easy at all and it is because of the high salary that the footballer receives. However, the attacker would be willing to give up money, as long as he can agree with the club that owns his pass a loan.

Boca Juniors fans keep the illusion and they wait for the return of one of the forwards with the best effectiveness since the retirement of Martín Palermo: 76 games, 45 goals and 12 assists.


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