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The mystery of the two safes that Maradona left in Dubai: no one knows exactly what he kept inside


In a storage room in the town of Béccar, already in the hands of Sebastián Baglietto, administrator of Maradona’s inheritance, there is a treasure. The objects and goods that inhabit the container, which arrived from the United Arab Emirates, are invaluable. They traveled to Buenos Aires after the star stopped directing Fujairah FC in 2018. Since a letter written and signed by Fidel Castro to the guitar with which Andrés Calamaro composed his song, going through a platinum ball that FIFA gave him. Or the chairs the sheiks gave him. Or iconic clothing, which marks milestones in his timeline, such as the animal print pajamas with which he celebrated his birthday in 2016.

In a storage room on the other side of the world, in Dubai, there is another loot, less discussed, in the background in the bid for the succession of Pelusa. And under a halo of mystery. In Asia there were some items that could not be transported, such as the two cars. For their transfer it was necessary to disarm them and then assemble them on Argentine soil. The cost of the operation was even more expensive than the value of the vehicles. It’s about a Rolls Royce Ghost, valued at 300.000 euros, and a BMW i8, priced at 145,000. But Diego also left other goods there; mostly furniture and gifts that he was receiving in Dubai. AND two safes, that nobody knows for sure what they contain …

Dubai, where he lived between 2011 and 2018, is one of several corners of the world where Maradona spread his heritage. Like Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and Belarus. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, there is one of the five bank accounts in the name of the Ten. He also had a set up business: the “Café Diego”, based in a mall in Abu Dhabi, one of the most attractive in the region. The same one, which today appears “permanently closed” on the Internet, had been decorated with details of the Bombonera and offered in its menu “Diego’s favorite empanadas”, pizzas, sandwiches and signature desserts. On the day of its inauguration, in 2016, the former hitch had been present. “Those who come with the Argentine shirt enter as if through a tube,” he said then.

Every year, the owners gave 20% of the royalties to the star, who also owned 27% of a future sale. And if the business opened branches, 27% of them went on to swell the assets of the former Argentines, Boca and Napoli.

But the magnifying glass is placed on the aforementioned storage, in which some belongings were left. Last week, Mauricio D’Alessandro, a lawyer for Matías Morla, empowered by the star for the last eight years, handed over to Justice everything that the surrogate judge, Alfredo Aníbal Villata, had asked him: the totality of the ongoing legal processes (there are more than 40), the list of movable and immovable property, the bank accounts and investments in his name, the current contracts, the debts and the donations that the idol he did in life to relatives, ex-partners and close friends.

There are some points in dispute. One, the account in Switzerland, which would have around 3 million dollars, in which the lawyer is a joint owner. The other, the mentioned storage in Dubai, whose access is in his name. In the last hours, according to the lawyer’s environment, he bet on a new strategy in his relationship with the heirs (Dalma, Gianinna, Jana, Diego junior and Dieguito Fernando): “he has the will to reach an agreement, to lower the decibels in terms of confrontation. And he would be willing to sit at a table without chicanes or insults, seeking a solution to the conflicts ”.

The items with the greatest economic and sentimental value in the storage, taking out the cars, are supposed to have traveled to Buenos Aires in the container. But among the belongings left in Dubai are the two enigmatic safes. And not even his closest ones know precisely what they contain. “These are things that Diego kept and only he knew what he kept. They can be dirhams (the Emirati currency), watches, dollars or nothing. They put the boxes there and never opened them again in these more than two years “, he told Infobae someone who knew Maradona’s intimacy by heart.

Diego and the Rolls Royce that was left in Dubai
Diego and the Rolls Royce that was left in Dubai

The world champion in Mexico 86 had the habit of keeping his most precious or most expensive belongings in safes. At his house in the private Campos de Roca neighborhood, in Brandsen, for example, he had a large one, in which he housed his collection of watches, money, jewelery and the famous $ 300,000 ring that they gave him when he became “president of soccer ”From Dynamo Brest.

And when after the operation he was forced to move to Tigre, “Verónica Ojeda was commissioned to buy two safes and she bought one. Diego, distrustful of the things he loved the most, grabbed a box of slippers from the brand with the three straps and put them under the bed. Since I didn’t go out, and I was depressed, I had her down there”, Revealed the lawyer D’Alessandro, who pointed out that“ one of his close relatives ”took the box after his death. Anyway, the content was duly registered, so it will surely enter the succession.

The same will happen with the goods waiting in the storage of Dubai. And with the two safes, they embody one of the greatest mysteries of the Fluff heritage.


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