The NBA Jam saga will be the central theme of a documentary


If you start to have some gray hair and you have been playing video games since you were children, you will probably know the saga NBA Jam. A franchise launched more than 25 years ago and which had great popularity in the nineties (it managed to raise more than a billion dollars in a very short time). If you had a great time with her in her day, today’s news interests you.

And it is that the iconic basketball game will be the central theme of a new documentary. In other words, BestCrosses Studios, the production arm of basketball-themed social media platform BestCrosses (and created by Jack Sussman), has purchased Reyan Ali’s book “NBA Jam” to produce a documentary on the history and game success.

The information, which has been published exclusively by Variety, confirms that the documentary will be directed by Sean Menard, an Emmy nominee, who has several sports documentaries under his belt, including the acclaimed “The Carter Effect.” The latter speaks of the already retired Vince Carter.

Anyway, and as we mentioned, the documentary will be based on the existing book (published in 2019). And what is this about? Basically, this is a large-scale investigation of the success of the series. Game developers, journalists, and of course NBA players are interviewed in the book.

The original arcade game (1993) was so successful that ports were quickly developed for such successful consoles as Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. In fact, those versions also reached great heights of popularity. And you can tell that Menard is a huge fan of the saga. Below you can read what have been his first statements after the announcement:

“When ‘NBA Jam’ hit the game room, I was barely tall enough to reach for the joystick and see the screen at the same time. But while I was literally on my toes, I was completely immersed in a game that allowed me freedom. creative to perform out-of-this-world athletic feats This was during a turning point for the NBA, as the league was full of excitement and culture that attracted a younger fan base.

Our movie is more than an original story about the most successful sports game of all time. There are several subplots detailing how games were moving from arcades to home entertainment and how they would eventually lead to Midway’s demise. “.

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