The network is flooded with videos and information from GTA VI: a hacker leaks 90 clips and claims to be in possession of its source code


Coinciding with the ninth anniversary of GTA V, Rockstar has prepared a surprise that no one would expect. And it is that 90 videos of its long-awaited sequel, GTA VI, have been leaked. The author has uploaded to the GTA forums a file with a total of 3 GB of footage from the game at an early stage of development.

The user ‘teapotuberhacker’, assures that he was also responsible for the security breach that Uber recently suffered. Furthermore, he reveals that could leak even more game informationand not just videos, but the source code, or even playable builds for testing.

The biggest leak in video game history

Possibly this event has become the most important leak in the history of the video game. The scale could not be larger given the context. And let’s not forget that GTA V is the most profitable and lucrative entertainment product in history, and after a long period of rumors and theories, all lights are on the next Rockstar title.

It all started in GTA Forums, a portal where users can find all kinds of information and comments related to the company’s titles. Here the user revealed 3 GB of leaked game content, 90 videos that amount to one hour in total where you can see protagonists, weapons, environment, some game mechanics and much more. In fact, the videos would confirm the rumors of a story with two protagonists (a boy and a girl), and the return to Vice City.

90 video clips of a very early stage of development

The videos refer to an early stage of development. The vast majority of them are from several years ago, and they are builds in which you can see how the developers test the different mechanics of the game. Everything indicates that Rockstar has made use of many elements of Red Dead Redemption 2 in the playable, so it is very possible that we are facing the most realistic Grand Theft Auto to date.

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Among the videos we can see Lucía, the protagonist of the game, how she enters to rob a restaurant while taking hostages, or another in which the Vice City subway can be seen. Another video in which we see a conversation in a pool between NPCs, along with many other videos, has also been shared countless times on social networks.

Rockstar has not yet commented on the matter, but according to The Verge, it has already been launched in terms of signing copyright removal requests. In fact, Jason Schreier, a well-known writer and expert in the video game industry, was able to contact Rockstar, confirming the veracity of the leak. In addition, as confirmed by his sources, the hacker had access to the private chats of the employees in Slack, where he was able to obtain all the information. And it is that according to him he affirms, he is in possession of the source code of GTA V and GTA VI.

A negative impact for the development of the game

According to Schreier, this could have negative consequences for game development, as it could disrupt the devs’ work for quite some time. In addition, the event could also limit the flexibility of teleworking for employees as a security measure against leaks.

While Rockstar has yet to confirm a release date for GTA VI, it was entirely possible that we wouldn’t see the game for another couple of years at least. Nevertheless, this leak could jeopardize the pace of workand therefore, the release date of the title.

Regarding the supposed hacker, in the same forums he assured that is willing to negotiate a deal with Rockstar, being able to contact him via Telegram. The clips circulate throughout the network, and it is a train that can no longer be stopped.


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