The New Empress Chapter 21 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


The New Empress Chapter 21 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

The forthcoming Chapter 21 of The New Empress is imminent. Manhwa enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of Chapter 21. Anticipatedly, Chapter 21 will be an exciting installment in this engrossing series.

Are you an admirer of The New Empress, the romantic fantasy novel whose captivating plot and breathtaking artwork have captivated readers? If so, you are probably eagerly awaiting the next section to learn the fate of Haniel, the enigmatic woman with silver hair who possesses the ability to vanquish evil and restore health to the living.

You are in luck, because we have every piece of information you require regarding Chapter 21 of The New Empress. The forthcoming chapter is poised to deliver an additional crescendo of suspense and unforeseen developments to the narrative.

We will provide comprehensive information regarding Chapter 21 of The New Empress, including its release date, raw scan release date, synopsis of Chapter 168, plotlines, and reading locations.

The New Empress Chapter 21 Release Date:

Fans of the new Empress Manhwa, we have excellent news for you. Surely each of you is eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Everyone is curious as to what will transpire in Chapter 21. Schedule Chapter 21 of The New Empress for January 19, 2024. Thus, wait a few days, and everyone will then be aware of the events that will transpire in Chapter 21.

The New Empress Chapter 21 Storyline:

The narrative will resume in Chapter 21 of The New Empress, where it left off within the previous chapter. Chapter 20 reveals that the Emperor summoned Haniel in order to have a private conversation with her.

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He inquired as to the reason she had pilfered his necklace and her intentions regarding its use. The maid also asked if she looked like the silver-haired demon that had been seen in his room.

Regardless of Haniel’s vehement denials, the Emperor refused to believe her. He informed her that he was certain she was telling the truth, as well as that he would eventually discover the truth.

Additionally, he conveyed his interest in her and expressed his desire to maintain her company. Haniel was terrified and astounded by the words and actions of the Emperor. She believed he was dangerous as well as unreliable and that if he discovered her true identity, he could cause her harm.

She was also remorseful for having lied to him as well as the Empress, both of whom had shown her kindness. She pondered how she might flee the Empire and what course of action she ought to take.

Additionally, she was curious as to whether or not the Emperor harbored any feelings towards the Empress. Chapter 21 of The New Empress will almost certainly describe Haniel’s effort to evade the Emperor’s advances and her subsequent response to his advances.

Additionally, it will reveal the Empress and Crown Prince’s reactions to the situation, as well as the measures they take to safeguard their respective interests. Additionally, it will provide insight into any forthcoming revelations or developments concerning the prophecy, the abominable birds, and the demons.

Where To Read The New Empress Chapter 21?

Online reading of The New Empress is feasible across multiple platforms, including Tappytoon, Tapas, and Webtoon, as well as Manga Rock. These platforms offer the official English translation of the manhwa, which is licensed and authorized by the publisher and the creators.

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Whether the manhwa is accessible for free or for a fee is contingent upon the platform and chapter. Additionally, official merchandise, including physical volumes, digital copies, posters, stickers, and keychains, can be purchased to support the manhwa.

The New Empress Chapter 21 Recap:

Currently, the chapter 20 recap is unavailable; thus, the chapter 19 recap is provided below. Haniel, upon descending into the forest, observes her mentor’s priceless staff. She assumes the form of a human and proceeds to seize the staff.

She quickly realizes, however, that in order to regain her bird form, she needs to first absorb the powers of the staff. She was essentially bereft of the instructions that her instructor had provided, and as a result, she discovered herself in an unfamiliar location in her human form.

Haniel skillfully dodges the arrow aimed at her. Nonetheless, the presence of demons surrounding her is concerning. Realizing that the arrow was obviously not aimed at her, she decided to investigate the matter.

The demons’ intention to harm Leona, the devoted subject of the Empress of the Apollinaire Empire, was evident as she had already been struck. The remaining knights recognized their insignificance in the face of the demons and resolved not to engage in direct combat with them.

As they strive to protect their empress as well as Leona from the demons’ lethal arrows, the populace is experiencing extreme anxiety. Haniel is overcome with remorse as she assesses the circumstances and decides to proceed outdoors in an effort to be of assistance.

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However, when she emerges, the populace becomes very wary of her due to their understandable apprehensions. Haniel’s strategy of appeasing the others and disarming them appears to be quite successful, as they come to the realization that she, too, may be a target of the Demons’ pursuit.

However, her refined demeanor and extravagant attire moderate their skepticism, especially considering she ought to be fleeing from relentless demons. Eventually, after a protracted wait, the demons materialize, and Haniel astounds all by virtue of her adeptness in dispatching them with speed and grace.

However, in their fear of Haniel, the knights begin to doubt whether or not she is an assassin. Fortunately, the Empress intervenes and provides reassurance to the knights, encouraging Haniel to proceed with them to the subsequent town along their journey.

The New Empress Chapter 21 Raw Scan Release Date:

Raw Scan and Spoiler typically debut three to four days prior to their initial release. Chapter 21 of The New Empress is published on January 19, 2024. Thus, we anticipate the Chapter 21 Raw Scan and Spoiler to be released on January 16, 2024.

The New Empress Chapter 21 Trailer Release:

What Are The Rating For The New Empress Chapter 21:

Popular and well-received, The New Empress has a high rating on MyAnimeList, the largest online community and database of anime and manga in the world. Based on 2,347 votes, the manga currently holds an 8.29 out of 10 rating and is ranked #347 on the manga list. Furthermore, 7,911 members have added it to their lists and it has received praise in 1,043 reviews for its narrative, artwork, characters, and romantic elements.