The new Mortal Kombat movie poster lets us see Kabal and other characters for the first time


There is little more than a month until the premiere of the next Mortal Kombat movie takes place, and they do nothing but appear news to give us long teeth. This time it’s about a new official poster that allows us to see some details unknown until now.

Kabal’s appearance in the Mortal Kombat movie

Has been the film’s official Twitter account the one that has shown a new poster of Mortal Kombat, where we can see several of the characters. Sub-Zero and Scorpion are at the forefront, but there are also Shang Tsung, Jax Briggs, Sony Blade, Mileena, Cole Young … and Kabal, for the first time.

It is about the character on the right at all, as they realized many users from the social network when the official poster appeared.

The premiere of the Mortal Kombat movie was scheduled for this month of March, but due to the current situation it was decided to postpone a little later and, if nothing changes, we will have its premiere next April 16th.

A few weeks ago we made a comparison with the characters of the video game and those of the film, in case you want to take a look, and here we unravel all the secrets and curiosities seen in the latest Mortal Kombat trailer with its director.

Do you feel like it?

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