The new Nintendo Switch will have better graphics in exchange for a higher price


The much-rumored new model of Nintendo Switch, that which most people call “Nintendo Switch Pro“It would use an improved Nvidia chip (which offers better graphics and processing), it would allow the use of Nvidia’s DLSS rendering and it could arrive later this year. Of course, analysts expect the price to increase by between € 50 and € 100 .

The Bloomberg media has reported that those who are already familiar with the new Switch model, which will also include a larger screen and 4K output, have indicated that it will use a more advanced chip from Nvidia and that they expect it to be released by the end of the year. .

Opinion: Why 720p For a Switch Pro Isn't a Big Deal
Comparative image made by IGN in the US where they focus on what the Switch Pro would be like

The Nvidia chip will include an updated CPU and increased memory, allowing games to look better and a faster processing system. To help the 4K output work, the new chip will include support for the aforementioned DLSS, an acronym for Deep Learning Super Sampling, which uses artificial intelligence to offer 4K resolutions without having to pull the consequent hardware. However, Bloomerg sources indicate that DLSS requires specific code for the software, assuming it would be used to create better-looking games, rather than powering existing ones.

Although of course, this improvement will have a cost, and according to an analyst, we can expect the price to rise by about 50 or 100 euros. The new chip would also come along with a 7-inch 720p resolution OLED touch screen. In the dock, the machine would achieve the long-awaited 4K. Production could start in June.

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