The New Shots Of Malaika Arora As Well As Arjun Kapoor At Dinner Put An End To Reports That They Had Broken Up


The New Shots Of Malaika Arora As Well As Arjun Kapoor At Dinner Put An End To Reports That They Had Broken Up:

There were reports that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora had broken up, but they showed up together on Sunday, putting those stories to rest. The two people were also seen at a restaurant in the evening.

A paparazzo put their videos on Instagram. Malaika did a quick pose for the cameras when she got to the restaurant. Later, the couple appeared together leaving the restaurant.

Within a clip, Arjun Kapoor walked Malaika to their car with his hand behind her back. After she got in the car, he got in as well. Malaika chose a white jacket as well as pants for the trip.

They Were Seen Having Lunch Together In The City Earlier On The Exact Same Day:

She wore it with boots that matched. She also had a bag with her. Arjun was seen wearing a sweater in dark green, gray pants, and boots. He also wore a cap and dark glasses.

They were seen having lunch together in the city earlier that same day, and they seemed happy and satisfied. Malaika donned a stylish all-white outfit consisting of a schiffli white shirt and white lace shorts.

Arjun, on the other hand, wore a cool black t-shirt alongside black cargo pants as well as a hat. Even though their age gap has led to some criticism, the friendship between the two has stayed strong.

Even though they dated for a while before making their relationship public a few years ago, they show their love for each other on social media.

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Before, People Thought That Arjun Kapoor Was Already Going Out With Kusha Kapila:

Before, people thought that Arjun Kapoor was dating Kusha Kapila, a social media personality, after he broke up with Malaika. Malaika as well as Arjun have been seeing each other for more than four years.

When Malaika posted a birthday message for Arjun in 2019, the couple’s relationship became public. Malaika was married to the star Arbaaz Khan before. Arhaan Khan, aged 20, is their child. After 19 years of marriage, they split up in 2017.

Arjun last appeared within the dark comedy Kuttey, which was directed by Aasmaan Bhardwaj and starred Tabu, Radhika Madan, as well as Konkona Sen Sharma.

He will next be seen with Bhumi Pednekar during the upcoming action movie The Ladykiller. He is also in a love comedy with Bhumi Pednekar as well as Rakul Preet Singh, but it doesn’t have a name yet.

Kusha Kapila Responds To Rumors Of Dating:

Kusha wrote, “Roz, if you don’t mind, I’d like to give a brief introduction to myself in one format.” The ‘Masaba Masaba 2’ star stated that “Whenever I read something bad regarding myself, I just pray and hope that my mother doesn’t know about it.” Unki’s social life is in bad shape.”

For those who don’t know, stories about Kusha Kapila as well as Arjun Kapoor’s romance started to make news after they both went to Karan Johar’s party at his house. The rumors came out months after Kusha told her husband, Zorawar Ahluwalia, that she was leaving him.

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On June 26, Kusha And Zorawar Said On Instagram That They Were Breaking Up:

On June 26, Kusha surprised everyone when she and her husband made a united statement. It said, “We give it our all till we couldn’t anymore.”

“Both Zorawar and myself have chosen to go our separate ways. This was not an easy choice by any means, but we know it’s the right one for us right now.

We still care a lot about the affection and existence that we’ve shared together, but what we want for ourselves right now isn’t the same. We did everything we could until we couldn’t do any more.