The new Silent Hill seems real: images of Konami’s horror game are leaked, which remains a mystery


It seems to be a development of Bloober Team, creators of The Medium, but it has not been confirmed yet.

The new Silent Hill seems real: images of Konami's horror game are leaked, which remains a mystery

Few sagas want more back than Silent Hill, and in recent years there have been quite a few rumors indicating his return. But there has been nothing palpable, at least until now where a well-known industry insider has had access to several images that allow him to ensure that there is a new development underwayor was in process since the shared captures are dated two years ago.

The images were removed from Twitter due to a copyright claim.Dusk Golem, a regular source of Capcom developments, shared yesterday through Twitter several images where you can see some ideas behind this new Silent Hill. All of them have already been removed from the social network after a copyright claim, but can still be seen through other internet platforms such as Reddit. From 3DJuegos we will not share them as we are not sure about their origin.

“This is from a source relatively new to me, but I’ve been given more than enough evidence to give it credence. I’ll also mention the names ‘Anita and Maya’ and ‘SMS messages’. Also, this isn’t the only Silent Hill in development,” comments Dusk Golem on Twitter. “I know that many will doubt this, but I have had a lot of evidence privately passed on to me to prove that this is real,” he adds.

What can we see in the images? There are four shared files, and in three of them we are transferred to an abandoned house? where garbage accumulates and highlights a corridor full of post-its with different messages that denote enough instability of your tenant or tenants. The fourth image presents a close-up of a girl where they can be read “I hate myself” (“I hate myself” in Spanish).

Who develops this Silent Hill? This is the question. Luckily, users have not been slow to read the name of Bloober Team in a screenshot. The developers of The Medium announced a deal with Konami to produce games from existing and new IP, with speculation surrounding the veteran-survival horror early on. However, none of this has been confirmed.

In 2020, the date these images come from, some statements by Masahiro Ito, designer of monsters in the saga, made the news, where he claimed to be working on a new video game with the hope that it would not end up canceled.

Recently we also collected in 3DJuegos the registration of Silent Hill as a trademark for various uses, among them for possible developments in virtual reality devices. But at the moment there has been no more information, and in recent years fans have found more disappointments than announcements after the cancellation in 2015 of Silent Hills, which was being developed by Hideo Kojima.

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