The new trailer for Super Mario Bros: The Movie features Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and much more


The second trailer for Super Mario Bros: The Movie has been released offering a bigger look at its wide cast, including Princess Peach and a surprise appearance by Mayor Pauline.

the new trailer premiered today in a Nintendo Direct after Nintendo announced the release date via social media. The promotional image included an image of Princess Peach’s iconic castle and her stained glass window.

Watch the new trailer (in Spanish) below.

The trailer revealed that Princess Peach will be played by Anya Taylor-Joywhile the role of Donkey Kong tendremos a Seth Rogen and finally, Charlie Day will voice Luigi.

Donkey Kong enters the scene fighting Mario in a kind of scenario similar to that of Super Smash Bros, while Luigi appears captured by Bowser. For her part, Princess Peach encourages Toad to fight Bowser in something of a collection of nods to different iterations of the plumber’s world—including a scene witnessing a race, in the purest style of Mario Karten Rainbow Road—.

The first trailer dropped back in October, when the world first heard the voice of Chris Pratt as Mario (who sounds suspiciously like Chris Pratt). Also, the trailer included a look at the villain. Bowser (Jack Black) and a brief look at Toad de Keegan Michael-Key.

Apparently, Toad will also feature an original and improvised song that will debut in the film.

Super Mario Bros: The movie will be released in theaters in April 2023.

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