The new version of LibreOffice will support Klingon and another invented language


The open source office suite LibreOffice has announced that it will support two new languages ​​starting next February when LibreOffice 7.3 is released. The two languages, curiously, are not official anywhere because they have been a construction. They are the Klingon from Star Trek, the language of the Klingons; and the Interslavian, a language that is supposed to bridge the linguistic gap between Slavic languages like Russian, Polish or Serbo-Croatian.

LibreOffice has welcomed these two languages sharing the flags that represent them with this image:

Klingon And Interslavic

For The Document Foundation, the community that runs this software, these developments demonstrate how versatile free and open source software is. LibreOffice is now available in more than 100 languages. What’s interesting about the new ad is that they have also opened up to constructed languages ​​that very few people speak.

A small number of speakers, but with interest


LibreOffice is financed mainly through donations and has a community that develops different projects. In this case, the two new languages ​​have a very small number of speakers, but from The Document Foundation they have explained that the community develops the suite so that individual contributors They can work on elements that are important to them.

Which means that the community has not invested or spent resources to work for this change, but rather have been individuals who are part of the community.

"I take the grammar, I destroy it and I put it back together": Learn (and Teach) Dothraki on YouTube

According to the LibreOffice 7.3 release notes, new language support was added by Eike Rathke, who currently works at Red Hat.

What is clear is that Star Trek has been a worldwide phenomenon and is that even Duolingo launched its own language course to learn Klingon. In fact, there is the official Academy of this language.


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