The New Video “In Your Love” By Tyler Childers Is Being Praised For Showing Gay Love In Rural America


The New Video “In Your Love” By Tyler Childers Is Being Praised For Showing Gay Love In Rural America:

LGBTQ supporters and singers have praised the recently released video for Tyler Childers’ song “In Your Love” for providing a much-needed picture of inclusion. The song was the first from Childers’s new record “Rustin’ in the Rain.” It is about how much someone means to him or her.

The trick in the video is that the tale of love is about two men who meet in rural Appalachia in the 1950s, fall in love, and then have to deal with attacks from their coworkers at a coal mine before moving in together to take care of a farm.

Tyler Childers Released Latest Music Video Called “In Your Love” Upon Thursday:

Tyler Childers released the music video for his latest single “In Your Love” on Thursday. It tells the story of a love story between two guys, Colton Haynes from “Arrow” and James Scully from “You.”

An older farmer finds a four-leaf clover within a field, which makes him remember when he was younger and worked in a coal mine. This is where the moving clip starts. Tyler Childers is a country music singer who supports LGBTQ+ people.

Tyler Childers Was A Country Music Singer Who Supports LGBTQ+ People:

This week, he put out a music video for his song “In Your Love.” Colton Haynes as well as James Scully, who are both gay, are in the movie, which was directed by Bryan Schlam. Our author, Silas House, wrote the story for the movie.

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The two coal workers in the video are played by Colton Haynes (“Teen Wolf,” “Arrow,” and “Fire Island”) and James “Fire Island,” and the video comes out at the same time as the debate over Jason Aldean’s “Try That on a Small Town” video.

Recently Many Individual Attacked Alden’s Music Video For Gun Violence And Hanging:

Many people attacked Aldean’s video and song for glorifying gun violence and hanging. Some watchers pointed out that some scenes were shot at the Maury County Courthouse within Columbia, Tennessee, where an 18-year-old Black man called Henry Choate was hanged in 1927.

Thursday, the video for Childers’ song was posted on YouTube. Fellow artist Margo Price wrote, “I hope folks share it to lift up fine songwriting, deep music, as well as encouraging messages because we could certainly use more of this right now.”

What Did People Think Of Tyler Childers’s Song “In Your Love”?

Many people online said that Childers’ video was like Aldean’s. Childers told Ann Powers of NPR that he wanted to make this music video because “when I was growing up, my gay cousin was like my older brother.”

As of Sunday, “In Your Love” was being played over 2.3 million times on YouTube, where there were more than 12,000 comments.

Already “In Your Love” Was Being Played Over 2.3 Million Times Upon YouTube:

One watcher wrote, “It feels good to see this song proceed viral shortly following ‘Try That in Your Small Town.'” It’s wonderful to see that people who listen to left-wing music are also supporting a song to get their opinions heard.

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“I want to express my gratitude to all the hateful, ignorant “country fans” who are screaming about this video, because I hadn’t encountered this angelic voice before,” read one comment. “Thank you for assisting me discover this kind and beautiful person.”

Not everyone was on board, though. The movie has been watched 1.8 million times on Facebook, where one person wrote, “Disappointed. It might have been a great chance to show how much you love and care about someone.”

“Tyler Childers simply budlighted himself,” wrote someone else, referring to a customer boycott of Bud Light after the company worked with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender celebrity. “That’s too bad, because I liked him best.”

At the conclusion of the music video, the sick man dies in his lover’s arms upon the front porch of their home, while the old farmer looks back on his life on the same porch.

Childers Is Married To Another Country Music Singer Senora May:

Childers is married to another country music singer, Senora May. The fact that he chose this topic for his movie has a lot of meaning now, when country music in its entirety is trying to figure out who it is and how open it wants to be.