The next game from the creators of The Last Guardian could be announced in 2023: “finally a year with a lot to talk about”


GenDesign, the development studio that makes games like The Last Guardian, has suggested that 2023 could be the year they announce their next project.

As indicated by VGC, GenDesign has used your Twitter account to launch a message on the occasion of the New Year, in which they state that 2023 will be “finally a year with a lot to talk about”. Although it is a very concise message, it seems to implicitly suggest that the studio will finally unveil its new project.

Since the release of The Last Guardian in 2016, GenDesign has remained silent, although we do know that Epic Games will be the company in charge of distributing the studio’s future game, whatever it is. The studio was formed in 2014 with members of Team Ico, the Japanese studio led by Fumito Ueda that brought us titles like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Fumito Ueda himself commented, after learning that Epic Games will distribute the next GenDesign projects, that he was very excited for his future works to reach a greater number of players, perhaps referring to the exclusivity to which his games had been connected to PlayStation. Until now.

We don’t know anything about the next GenDesign game, other than Fumito Ueda confirming that it will be a whole new game, not a sequel to some of his earlier works, and an image was shown. It is curious that that first (and only) image that we have seen of the game so far was also shown in a New Year’s greeting message, but from 2018.

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