The nine best websites to download books for your Kindle for free


There are many free resources available on the Internet, but they are always legal and of good quality. And if, in addition, what we are looking for are free digital books for our Kindle, we have to take into account the limitation of formats (we must resort to .mobi ebooks or convert them using software such as Caliber).

So we have compiled for you the best options to search and download ebooks that you can then upload to your Amazon reader, both in English and Spanish (although several also host books in other languages):

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Spanish e-book websites for Kindle


  • Of course, the first place to look for Kindle books will always be the Amazon Kindle Store, the ‘official bookstore’ of Kindle users. But how do you specifically locate the books available for free? Well, we can search the free TOP 100 of Amazon’s best sellers, or search for “free books” in the internal search engine, which currently offers more than 50,000 results.

  • The House of the Book: The House of the Book, the great Spanish alternative to Amazon it also has a section of free ebooks. Of course, you can only download them in ePub format, so you will need an ebook converter to be able to transfer them to your Kindle.

  • Hispanic Digital Library: The Hispanic Digital Library, an online project that houses documents digitized by the National Library of Spain, has a collection of 942 books by Spanish authors in the public domain in epub format, completely free to download. No registration required.

  • Bubok: Bubok is a self-publishing platform that allows you to buy both physical books (printed on demand) and ebooks from its website? and it is not uncommon to find publications whose digital version is free (yes, make sure it’s ePub, because in some cases they are only available in PDF).

  • Jump: Lektu is a Spanish platform specialized (but not limited) in ‘genre’ ebooks (ci-fi, horror, fantasy) without anti-copy DRM. In addition to free books, we can also find them unusual purchase options, such as payments in the form of posts and / or ‘follows’ in social networks (well, and also payments in euros of a lifetime, of course).

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English Kindle ebook websites


  • eReaderIQ: If you have a user account at and you want to search for ebooks also in the American Amazon store, it may be interesting do not search directly in it, but use eReaderIQ as a search engine. Its ‘Freebies’ section will allow us to find books according to their extension and category and, above all, according to how long they have been classified as a free book: it is specially designed to detect specific promotions.

  • Smashwords: Smashwords is, along with Amazon, one of the main references to find ebooks by independent English-speaking authors and publishers, offering more than 89,000 free books. It not only allows you to download books in Kindle or ePub format (among others), but also the option to read them online in the browser? or from download a part of them (between 10% and 50%) even if we are not registered.

  • Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg is an online project that has made it possible to collect more than 60,000 books in the public domain as free ebooks in ePub and Kindle formats. Books from all over the world and in numerous languages ​​are compiled, allowing us to navigate between them taking as a reference data such as subject, language, author and popularity. No registration required.

  • Manybooks: Manybooks is a platform for free e-books mostly in English. It offers a varied repertoire (around 50,000 titles) from classics to contemporary promotional books and / or by amateur authors. You can choose your preferred ebook format when you register as a user (necessary step).


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