The open world RPG ELEX 2 returns to the fray with a trailer focused on combat, mechanics and enemies


The video shows a wide variety of hostile creatures that will allow us to put our fighting movements to the test.

The possibilities of a open world They are endless, and that is why the unexpected ELEX II manages to captivate us with each new trailer. Its RPG mechanics aim to exploit its territory to the maximum, and the action will focus on battles against a large selection of enemies. Today, Piranha Bytes wants to show us new pieces of his game through the combat system, which we can admire in his most recent trailer.

The post-apocalyptic world of Magalan Face a threat again, as an enemy will unleash the dangerous powers of the dark elex and put the entire planet at risk. To end the incessant alien hordes that come from the sky, we will have to polish our combat skills through 3 defined styles: melee, magic or ranged attacks. A set of options that we can combine to our liking to finish off rivals.


And is that ELEX II does not exactly show an absence of enemies, because this trailer shows us some of the hostile creatures that will stand in the way. Because, while we will have the opportunity to kill a good handful of aliens, we also see clashes against human factions, wild beasts and even real monsters that could give a most legendary combat.

ELEX II has already conquered RPG fans, precisely because of its epic component. And although his story promises to be complex and elaborate, which starts from the premise of uniting the factions of the planet to end the space threat, this trailer also shows that it will be an action festival where there will be no shortage of memorable battles.

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