The other “Djokovic case” in Australia: the tennis player who was deported for not being vaccinated demands compensation

Voracova, photographed in one of the windows of the Park Hotel in Melbourne, before leaving Australia (Reuters)
Voracova, photographed in one of the windows of the Park Hotel in Melbourne, before leaving Australia (Reuters)

The Czech tennis player Renata Voracova did not run with the same fate as Novak Djokovic in Australia after being detained in Melbourne (in the same migrant center that Nole) and finally being deported from the country days ago. Now, from his home he announced that will seek financial compensation from the Australian Federation.

Voracova and Djokovic, who they are not vaccinated against covid-19, They had initially obtained a special permit for not complying with the sanitary regulations in force in Australia that seek to combat the spread of the virus.

The authorities they had refused entry to the country to Voracova, –Similar case occurred with Nole– considering that the reason for the medical exemption did not meet the conditions. The 38-year-old woman argued that had contracted the virus in the past month, which prevented him from being vaccinated to compete in the competition, in addition to having other medical problems.

Subsequently, the stunt specialist was placed in the same retention center as Djoko, in Melbourne, before being finally released and forced to return to the Czech Republic after the cancellation of his visa, contrary to what happened with the Serbian, who was released and awaits the final verdict on his situation.

The detail is that the number 81 in the WTA ranking had played a tournament before being stopped: she fell in the first round of the doubles table of Melbourne Summer Set 2 along with the Polish Katarzyna Piter (2-6 and 4-6 against Rodionova and Pattinama Kerkhove). The meeting was played on January 5 with the presence of this tennis player who became 29 in the world in 2017.

The doubles player was deported after she was denied a Visa (Gettyimages)
The doubles player was deported after she was denied a Visa (Gettyimages)

Days after what happened, Voracova presented her complaints about the case and indicated that her financial request “would not be small.” “The plane ticket alone cost me 60,000 CZK (2,460 euros, 2,787 dollars) and my coach traveled with me, ”he revealed.

“And then there is also all that time, hotels paid, training for the Australian Open, and the potential economic reward ”, explained the tennis player in dialogue with Denik Daily.

“I hope that the Australian Tennis Federation accepts it and that we do not have the need to initiate a legal process,” added the doubles player before admitting that she no longer wants to continue playing at this time: “I don’t think about tennis. I am still in awe. I haven’t digested it yet. I’m exhausted”.

Later, Voracova spoke about her stay in Australia after being arrested and investigated: “I would not have even imagined this in my worst nightmare. It was too much. It was like watching a movie … a long interrogation with orders like ‘undress’, ‘get dressed’. I don’t want to think about it at all and even less to relive it ”.

“I was worried, I didn’t feel safe until I got home. There were no certainties (…) ”, he sentenced, still in a state of shock because of what he had experienced in the oceanic country.

Hours later, the women’s tennis association WTA He regretted in a statement the treatment received by the athlete, although he emphasized that “All players should get vaccinated”. According to the body that regulates women’s tennis, the difficulties experienced by the players who obtained a medical exemption “are regrettable.”

“Voracova he followed all the rules and they made it easy for him to get in, she competed in a tournament, and all of a sudden her Visa was canceled without her doing anything wrong. We will work with the authorities on this unfortunate situation in the most appropriate way, ”the entity reported.


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