The Overwatch community continues to create new heroes, like this fan who made his own support


He not only made the design, but the skills, dialogues, and even the connections within the story with the other heroes.


Within the Blizzard FPS community, Overwatch, there are many people who have shared some of their hero designs. own creation. This is precisely what he did DankeyKang42, a Reddit user who decided to go further, as he shared not only a design, but also took the time to create the skills, the story, and even the dialogue that his character would use within the games.

No one knows the true identity of ARCThe hero’s name is A.R.C., or at least that’s how others know him, because according to DankeyKang42, no one knows the true identity of this character. “Arc doesn’t have the best skills curative, but it has access to information, speed, and increased damage “, mentions its creator in the publication where he shared all the information.

ARC is a hero of the class medium, and as such, he focuses on helping the rest of his team, although he is also capable of causing damage. In addition to his mysterious identity, his creator shares that this character will work for Overwatch or Talon without hesitation, as long as they can pay him for his services, similar to a mercenary.

Image from Overwatch

Like Mercy, this stand can connect with an ally through a skill, constantly healing his health and that of that companion. Another of his abilities, ‘Electrotism’, works as a small boost for this hero’s allies, granting more damage, speed, and defense. However, this ability can also be used on the same ARC, in case you need to get your hands dirty with the enemy team.

Although we haven’t had a new hero in Overwatch in a while, there have been a few. changes within the cast, as McCree dropped his name and became Cole Cassidy. Remember, that the title is available for free for a limited time on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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