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The particular clause that Lewis Hamilton would have asked to renew his contract and continue with Mercedes in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton to seek his eighth Formula 1 title (Reuters)
Lewis Hamilton to seek his eighth Formula 1 title (Reuters)

Beyond the expectation of how the 2021 season will unfold while the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the world has not yet been resolved, there is an issue that has the Formula 1. And it is related, neither more nor less, than with the last champion of the highest category of world motorsport.

When there is less than a month left until March 2, the day the W12, the new version of the German machinery, Lewis Hamilton has not yet signed the renewal of his relationship with Mercedes. The British rider, who has just won his seventh world drivers’ title with the German team, continues to negotiate to stay in a team that helped him become the top champion of the category alongside the historic Michael sSchumacher.

While this happens, and the rumors about the conditions that Hamilton would have put to extend his contract would be various, a former rider who also knew how to crown himself as monarch in the Maximum it gave details of an alleged clause Lewis would like to impose on Toto Wolff, the executive director of the F1 team of the Silver Arrows.

Damon Hill, the native of Great Britain who celebrated the 1996 season title aboard a Williams, said that Hamilton would be about to sign a contract for the next two years but with a special clause to veto a teammate that is not to your liking.

Damon Hill's post on Lewis Hamilton's contract conditions to stay at Mercedes
Damon Hill’s post on Lewis Hamilton’s contract conditions to stay at Mercedes

It is important to note that since he became his teammate in 2017, Lewis is happy with the Finnish Valtteri Bottas and confirmed his work at Mercedes, where he comes from achieving two consecutive drivers ‘runner-up championships in 2019 and 2020, and being key for the German team to transform into the F1 constructors’ championship duel.

“I don’t think Valtteri needs to defend his performance, and I don’t feel like he needs it. I think he has continued to work on that, and we have definitely had very, very close rankings, particularly this year, ”were Hamilton’s words at the end of the season about his teammate.

What’s really cool between us is that we fight hard on the track. But when we’re away we manage to maintain a gentleman’s working relationship, and I think that is a great sample of his personality and character as a man, “added the Briton, marking his support for the 31-year-old driver.

Hamilton and Bottas put together a winning duo at Mercedes (Reuters)
Hamilton and Bottas put together a winning duo at Mercedes (Reuters)

In this sense, Hamilton’s intention to continue linked to Mercedes would be to have a voice and vote in the event that the team led by Wolff deems it necessary to change drivers. Bottas has a contract for 2021, but then he should renew his link. Waiting for what will happen this young promise George Russell, who immediately showed off his Formula 1 skills aboard the world champion Mercedes when Lewis was absent after contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Although Hamilton dreamed of a contract, a contract 40 million euros until 2024, a premium of 10% of the income that the team receives from Liberty Media in case of obtaining new titles and the gift of an exclusive Mercedes AMG One, a car of which just over 250 units were manufactured and is priced at more than 2 million euros, the scenario for the renovation would be very different.

According to the specialized press in the motor world, Lewis will renew until 2022 with an option for one more year and in an amount considerably less than his initial order.


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