The photo with which Messi showed his love for Chavo del Ocho

Lionel Messi came to dress up as Quico for a costume party (Photo: Twitter @CherkyBrown)
Lionel Messi came to dress up as Quico for a costume party (Photo: Twitter @CherkyBrown)

The Chavo del Ocho and the characters that made up the cast of the program created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos enjoyed wide popularity throughout the Mexicoas well as the countries of Latin America. Many of the sports stars who monopolize the spotlight today grew up with Chespirito’s programs and on more than one occasion they have paid off tribute. Even, Lionel Messi got to dress of one of the tenants of the neighborhood.

In March 2012, weeks after various countries of the continent joined an initiative to pay tribute to Gómez Bolaños for his 40-year career, the social media went viral. image of the then FC Barcelona player at a family costume party. For the occasion, she wore the iconic black suit from Little sailor that Carlos Villagrán made known when he personified quico in the Chavo del Ocho series.

In the peculiar photograph he appeared together with his girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzowho wore a costume Pocahontas to join the meeting. In another of the scenes broadcast through social networks, his cousin also appeared. Maximiliano Biancucchiwho defended the shirt of Blue Cross for a few months in 2010 and, then, was part of the Club Olimpia de Paraguay.

Neymar replied Messi's costume (Photo: Twitter}/@los_goleadores)
Neymar replied Messi’s costume (Photo: Twitter}/@los_goleadores)

Although the peculiar clothing that the FC Barcelona star wore went around the world, he was not the only player famous that paid homage to Carlos Villagrán. A year later, on the occasion of the party of the Brazilian singer Tiaguinho, the South American striker Neymar Jr.who still defended the shirt of Club Santos in Brazil, repeated the costume.

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On this occasion, Neymar also used the black suit with a red tie, Although he also added the blue, yellow and red cap to your clothing. His companion to the celebration was his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine, who followed Antonella Rocuzzo’s trend and did not join the initiative to remember Chavo del Ocho, as she wore a blue Doroty dress, a character from the Wizard of Oz .

The admiration of the current Paris Saint-Germain striker for Quico’s character was quickly made known on social networks. In fact, as part of his tour prior to his appointment as ambassador of the Porto Alegre headquarters in the 2014 World Cup, Carlos Villagrán went to meet the footballer in training. In the meeting held in 2013, the actor wanted Neymar to be “world champion, because he has a lot of talent”.

Robert Kenedy has a tattoo of Don Ramón with one of his most iconic phrases (Photo: Instagram/@kenedy)
Robert Kenedy has a tattoo of Don Ramón with one of his most iconic phrases (Photo: Instagram/@kenedy)

Another of the signs of affection that the cast of the Mexican neighborhood has received is from the Brazilian player Robert Kennedy. The 26-year-old Chelsea striker, who faced the Águilas del América in his most recent friendly match, has exhibited on his social networks the tattoo on his right calf where the face of Don Ramón looks. Above the line there is also a phrase from the character.

“There is no such thing as a bad job, the bad thing is having to work”, reads, in Portuguese, the phrase stamped on the skin of the Brazilian, although in Spanish it means “There is no bad job, the bad thing is having to work.” The words were spoken by Ramón Valdés to Doña Florinda, when she wanted making fun of his job as a junkmanalthough the owner of department 72 claimed to be “agent specializing in the purchase and sale of household items”.

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El Chavo del Ocho was a series broadcast on Mexican open television between the February 26, 1973 and January 7, 1980. Although his career lasted almost seven years, his programs were broadcast again in later years, as well as in more Spanish-speaking countries.


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